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At birth he was 8 lbs 10 oz His normal weight was 140 lbs but his Drivers License said 135 and the Studio claimed him to be 155 pounds.

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How much does Dean Anna weigh?

MLB player Dean Anna weighs 180 pounds.

Did James Dean have a wife?

James Dean never married.

Was Jimmy Dean related to James Dean?

No, James Dean had no relation to the country singer or sausage king.

Who admires James dean?

James Franco. He played the role of him in the movie James Dean 2001.

When was James Dean born?

James Dean was born on February 8, 1931.

At what age did James Dean die?

james dean died at age 24

When was The James Dean Story created?

The James Dean Story was created in 1957.

How tall is James Dean Bradfield?

James Dean Bradfield is 5' 5".

How much does James Bond weigh?

James bond weighs 456 lbs

How tall was James Dean?

James Dean Was 5 foot 8 inches tall

What is the duration of James Dean film?

The duration of James Dean - film - is 2 hours.

When was L. Dean James born?

L. Dean James was born in 1947.

Was the actor James Dean involved in the illuminati?

No. James Dean did not exist when the Illuminat did. And the Illuminati did not exist when James Dean did. Neither currently exists, so the point is moot.

How much does Mickie James weigh?

Mickie James' billed weight is 121 pounds.

How much does James Maslow weigh?

i am James maslow and weigh 172 lbs Okay so if you are James Maslow how much do you way And if you really are James Maslow are think you are so hot and cute Fle ur930 He weighs 187 now

Who were James Dean pearents?

Winton and Mildred Dean.

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