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In 2008 Jon And Kate Gosselin bought their new home. For 1.3 millon dollars.

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How much older is kate Gosselin than Jon Gosselin?

Kate is older than Jon by about 2 yrs

Do Jon and Kate Gosselin live in a mansion?

No, they do not. Jon and Kate Gosselin no longer live together. They were divorced in 2009. Kate Gosselin and the children live in a big house, while Jon lives nearby in an apartment.

Were will Jon gosselin be living?

Jon Gosselin has an apartment in NYC. He still owns the house with Kate in Wernersville, PA.

Who married Kate gosselin?

Jon Gosselin married Kate Gosselin.

What state do Jon and Kate Gosselin live?

Jon and Kate Gosselin, and their children, live in Pennsylvania. Jon Gosselin has his own apartment in the area of the house so that he can be close to his children, and to make his custody days easier.

How did Jon and Kate Gosselin meet?

Jon and Kate Gosselin met at a company picnic.

How old was Jon Gosselin when he married Kate?

Jon Gosselin was 22 when he married Kate.

Will Jon Gosselin get the dogs?

No, The dogs will stay at the house. Jon and Kate will be moving in and out of their house, but the dogs will stay at the house.

Where were Jon and Kate Gosselin born?

Both Jon and Kate Gosselin were born in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Where are Jon and Kate Gosselin originally from?

Both Jon and Kate Gosselin are originally from Central Pennsylvania.

Will Jon Gosselin get custody of the 8 children?

Jon and Kate Gosselin share custody of their children 50/50. Kate lives at the house with the children, and leaves when Jon has his turn taking care of the kids.

Who do the Gosselin kids live with - Jon or Kate?

Both! The Gosselin children live at the house, and Jon and Kate take turns living at the house with the kids. Kate keeps the her main 'Hub" at the house... and travels or stays at a hotel when it is Jons turn. Jon has an apartment and visits the house when it is his turn with the kiddos.Both

Will Jon Gosselin stay at the house or will he move out?

Jon and Kate Gosselin will stay at the house when it is their turn with the kids. When it is the other person's turn, they will move somewhere else or travel. Kate will maintain the house as her primary residence - while Jon will find another place to live.

Did Jon and Kate Gosselin vote?

Yes, Jon and Kate did vote.

Where did Jon and Kate Gosselin move from?

Jon and Kate Gosselin moved from one town in Central Pennsylvania to another.

Is Kate cheating on Jon Gosselin with bodyguard?

No. Despite the rumors, Jon has repeatedly denied cheating on Kate Gosselin.

How do Jon and Kate like their new house?

Jon and Kate Gosselin, and their eight children very much enjoy the many features and rooms of their new house, as stated on some of season fours later episodes.

Where is Kate Gosselin moving?

In the show, Kate said that she will be remain at the house with the kids when she has them. When Jon has them on weekend, Kate leaves to a hotel.

How much does Jon gosselin weigh?

Jon Gosselin is a former reality show star. He starred on Jon and Kate Plus 8. he does not disclose his weight to the public.

Did Kate Gosselin move out?

No it was jon -jon is ugly kate was rlly pretty

Where did Jon and Kate Gosselin work for when they met?

Jon and Kate Gosselin met at a company picnic. At the time, Kate worked for a local hospital (Reading) and Jon was an IT Analyst for the hotel.

How much land do Jon and Kate Gosselin have?

The Gosselin's newest house in Pennsylvania is on about 13 acres (a cool $1.13 million).

Will Jon Gosselin live in the Gosselin's old house?

No. The Gosselin home featured in the first few seasons of 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' was sold. Jon Gosselin moved on and has his own home with space for this children when he has custody.

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