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How much did World War 1 cost the US?


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1 billion dollars *Actually, World War I cost $338 Billion Dollars. Sorry, but you aren't Dr.Evil. "I want one billion dollars!!"


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WWII cost the US approximately $288,000,000,000.

The cost of all wars in the US is trillions of dollars. World War II cost $4.10 trillion, Vietnam $738 billion, and the Iraq war 1.2 trillion.

Total cost estimated in US currency is $306,000,000.

The Civil War cost the government 2.5 million dollars daily

There are several disadvantages to the US entering World War II. The most serious concerns were that there would be many casualties and that the economic cost of the war would be enormous.

During the US occupation of Japan, historians estimate the US assisted reconstruction of Japan was approximately 1.9 billion dollars.

Please indicate which war you are referring to, World War 1 or World War 2? Thank you.

Approximately $700 Billion in 2007 dollars.

The US spent about 61 billion dollars on the war with Japan

I don't think the idea of freedom had much to do with the US entry into World War I or World War II. The US declared war on Germany in 1917 after the sinking of the Lusitania, where a number of US citizens died. The US entered World War II after the Japanese attack on the military bases at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and the German and Italian governments declared war on the US the next day.

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ANSWER::: cataclysm costs $39.99 @walmart in the us.

It costed about 100 million dollars in US currency.

HOw much it cost to get a mazda furai to the us

The US has an uncanny approach to war, getting involved is only ever to their own advantage, war is a part of their culture - the spoils of war far outweight the initial cost.

Why did the US get involved with world war 2?

The US did participate in the Second World War.

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alot of things... Think about this, how much does it cost for weapons, gear, and war vehicles? Do you have any idea how much a solder makes for what they do?

The Union's cost for the US Civil War was $6.7 billion. The Department of the Treasury raised funds for the war by selling bonds, dollars and creating other taxes.

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