How much did a P-51 fighter cost?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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$50,985 USD in 1945

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Q: How much did a P-51 fighter cost?
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What is your favorite plane from WW2 and why?

probably the p51 mustang because I have studied it and it was the best american fighter in europe

How much did it cost to make the movie the fighter?

The Fighter (2010) cost $11 million.

Was the mustang a famous fiter plane or a kind of gun?

The P51 mustang was a famous fighter used by the allies in World War Two.

How much did the fighter movie cost to make?

10 mil

How much does a rally fighter cost?

Base price $50,000 from

How much does an F 16 fighter jet cost?

12 Million USD

How much does an F-16 fighter jet cost?

12 Million USD

How much did fighter planes cost to produce in the 1920s?

In the 1920's, fighter planes cost about 50,000 per plane to produce. However, some were as expensive as 1.5 million dollars to produce.

What is a P51D Mustang?

P51 d mustang is a ww2 fighter aircraft used by the US and allies during the latter stages of the war. it was the first allied fighter capable of supplying protection to the bomber fleets all the way into Germany and back to the bases in England. It was designed and built by North American.

How much does an F15 fighter jet cost?

Around $350,000,000 without long range weapons systems.

How much does and f-14 tomcat fighter jet cost?

An F-14 costs around 40mill

Did any of the Tuskegee airmen die?

Yes they did, it is an utter and total BS myth that they did not lose a single bomber, there loses were among the lowest of any fighter squadrons. But it is debatable if it was more skill or the equipment i.e P51 Mustang