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$2.00 in USA

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Q: How much did a bag of Doritos cost in 1976?
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How much does a bag of doritos cost?

One bag of Doritos cost $2.99.

How much did a bag of doritos cost in 1998?

I am not sure, but in 1976 it cost $2.00. And currently it is $2.99. I hope that helps! :)

How much do Doritos cost?

$2.99 a bag.

How much was a bag of doritos in 1980?

I used to get a bag for 25 cents.

How much calories does a Doritos bag have?

60 calories i dont know

How many calories for a small bag of doritos?

150 Calories in a 1-Serving bag of Doritos.

How many doritos are in a bag?

About 15

What was the cost of Doritos in 1971 - wasn't it 39 cents for a 13-14 oz bag?

39 cents

Does the red bag of doritos have pork in it?

No it has cheese in it.

How many servings in a bag of doritos's?


How many doritos are in a family sized bag?


How many calories are in 1 small bag of doritos?


How long does a Doritos bag degrade?

20-1000 years

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It would cost £800.

How much did a bag of flour cost in 1600?

A bag of flower cost 2 cents in 1600

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Look for details on the bag of "Doritos".

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$3.50 for a bag of grapes

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About $2 at fairplay for a small bag

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$234556 for a bag lol

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it will cost 5$

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this depends on where you get it

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