How much did a peasant get paid?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Serfs a type of peasant was paid around a farthing (a quarter a penny) to a penny

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Q: How much did a peasant get paid?
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Who worked with the lord?

peasant and serfs were paid to work with the lords mannor

What is a freeborn peasant?

a pesent that was born for free without hospital costs a peasant who is not born a slave, aka they get paid(in vegetables, perhaps) for the work they do.

Which is the poorest job in Mexico?

You mean the least paid? Peasant workers are usually the worst paid in Mexico; that is the main driving force for them to seek for jobs in the United States.

How much money did a peasant have?

The peasant had very little money. They owed taxes for just about everything including death. As a tenant farmer for the manor/estate they were given a small strip of land to grow food so some sold what they didn't eat. Life was very hard and they had very little.

How was the social life of a noble?

It was much better then the life of a peasant.

What did peasant children do in the manor house?

The manor house was the home of the lord of the manor. Peasant children did not get much opportunity to go into the manor house.

How much would an average medieval peasant have to pay on taxes?

a lot

How did a peasant become a peasant in the middle ages?

In most cases a peasant became a peasant by default. If the parents where peasants the child was also a peasant.

What was a peasant's home?

A peasant

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