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Weight is a function of gravity. Gravity is determined by proximity to mass. At the point of the big bang, all the mass of the universe (which is said to be infinite) was compressed to a single point. Therefore the pull of gravity, and thus the weight of that mass would also be infinite.

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Just a guess - 50kgIt all depends on the gravity on which the object lies.

First of all, do not confuse mass with weight. A male elephant has an average mass of 5000kg which means it weighs 50000N. Or about 11000 pounds.

The atomic mass of an atom is simply how much all the protons, neutrons, and electrons weigh in total. The atomic mass is figured out using mass spectrometry, a slightly more complicate process.

At the center of the earth, your weight would measure zero on a scale.That is because the mass of the earth is evenly distributed all around you pulling you equally in all directions.You would have the same mass as on the surface (assuming you didn't burn up from the hot hot hotness down there) but you would weigh 0. Weight is the measurement of gravity's effect on a mass.

Do all rocks weigh the same if they have a different mass but the same weight? Let's look at the question without one bit of it..... "Do all rocks weigh the same if they have ......... .... ... the same weight?" If things are the same weight, then they weigh the same.

Answer 1: Your mass stays the same all the time because mass is the amount of atoms your made up of. Mass stays the same no matter where you are. The only reason your weight changes is because the gravitational pull on the moon is not a much as it is on Earth. Mass is how much is in you body not on the amount on you weigh

All horses weigh differently.

Nothing at all. There are only two dimensions therefore it is a plane figure and has no mass. are thinking of kilograms.kilograms- mass.Thats like me saying how many yards in a pound.And weight is messured in newtons you are thinking of mass eventhough everybody says weight instead of mass.Newtons-weight.All you have to do is divide 105/2.2

air i think weighs very little and has to weigh something because all matter has mass. .

It very much depends on the substance. Cubic centimetres is a volume not a mass. 5,000 cc of vacuum would weigh nothing at all, 5,000 cc of water would weigh about 5 kilograms, 5,000 cc of mercury a great deal more

it all matters about how much you have

all depends on how much you have in it.

It depends upon the mass of it. Additionally, all brands include different seasonings, which ultimately affect the volume of the pickle.

Think of your 'mass' as the total amount of 'stuff' that makes up your body. The mass of a rock is all the 'stuff' the rock is made of. How many pounds you weigh depends on two things: How much gravity there is in the place where you're standing, and how much 'stuff' you're made of. The gravity may change on different planets, so your weight may change. But the mass that you're made of doesn't change ... it's the same wherever you go. Whatever planet you're on, the things with more mass in them will weigh more, and the things with less mass will weigh less.

The sun has such a huge mass that it attracts all of the other objects closest to it.

They don't all weigh the same...

Not at all. You weigh about 88 pounds. thankyou. how much do you weigh?

The earth's mass (rounded) is 5.97 x 1024 kilograms.5,970,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kgIf that much mass could be on the earth, all painted on its surfaceat the same distance from the center that we are, it would weigh:1.316 x 1025 (1,316,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) poundsor6.58 x 1021 (6,580,000,000,000,000,000,000) tons(Obviously, all of these numbers are rounded.)

Not all broccoli heads weigh the same, as each will weigh according to their growth.

its horrible bombs everywhere all the time all you here is BANG BANG BANG

all of the pads and the helmet weigh about 10 pounds

They weigh approximately 10 pounds.

All U.S. nickels weigh 5 grams.

A 11 year old at 4ft 9in should weigh 77 - 94 lbs. Ideally 82 lbs. It all depends on your height and musule mass.