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New homes in 1967 averaged at $26,400 compared to $320,000 today. Prices for anything in 1967 were a lot lower than they are today.

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How much did a big mac cost in 1967?

how much was a big mac in 1967

How much money do Kaw Valley homes cost?

it cost 25678

How much does a 1967 mustang cost now?

The cost of a 1967 Mustang is dependent upon how the 1967 Mustang has been restored. A fully restored 1967 Mustang can bring is much as 80 thousand dollars at auction.

How much did a tv cost in 1967?


How much did a hamburger cost in 1967?

For which country?

How much is a 1967 penny cost?

1 cent

How much was cars in 1967?

the cost of harry gladman

How much did a stick of butter cost in 1967?


How much did a new 1967 camaro cost?


How much does it cost for a 1967 Camaro ss?


How much did the Chevrolet impala cost in 1967?


How much did a movie ticket cost in 1967?

The average price of a movie ticket in 1967 was $1.20.

What is more expensive single family homes or mobile manufactured homes?

The cost of single-family homes and mobile homes is perhaps the greatest difference between the two. Even if you purchase land with a mobile home, in almost all cases, the single-family home will cost more possibly, much more. Because the majority of mobile and manufactured homes sit on leased or rented land, the cost of single-family homes is usually much greater than mobile homes.

How much did a Ford Mustang cost in 1967?

Approx $2,000

How much did it cost to play a pinball machine in 1967?


How much money did a 1967 Chevy camaro cost in 1967?

Original MSRP $2677 for the base model.

How much will a 1967 Mustang Shelby cost in India?

it can cost about 26 lakhs to 60 lakhs

On average, how much do nursing homes cost per month?

Nursing homes cost on average 4000-8000 dollars a month which can be paid for with Medicare, Medicaid, or out of pocket.

How much was a movie ticket in 1967?

The cost for a movie ticket in 1967 was about $1.25. The cost has risen steadily ever since. Some movie tickets now cost $10 or more.

How much does a postage stamp cost in 1967?

The standard First Class Postage Rate was 5 cents in 1967.

How much did 1967 gto cost new in 1967?

The base coupe was $2,935. A converible was a couple hundred more.

How much did a pair of jeans cost in 1967?

£2 and ten shillings

How much did a small book cost in 1967?

I boutht one for $4.00

How much does a 1967 shelby mustang gt500 cost now?


In 1967 how much was a Ford Mustang?

a 67 mustang cost about $30,000

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