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35 - 40lbs

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โˆ™ 2012-04-06 03:13:49
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Q: How much do English springer spaniels weigh?
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How much do welsh springer spaniels cost?

300-1000 Dollars! i quess

How much do coker spaniels weigh?

They can weigh 15-35 pounds

What do springer spaniels eat?

Springer Spaniels will pretty much eat whatever you give them. That is different from the question - What should you be feeding your Springer Spaniel. I personally go for a hypoallergenic diet for my George; it reduces their affectations from allergies and is probably better for them. there is more info here : 1

How much does the English springer spaniel weight?

english springer spaniel litters

How much do springer spaniels shed?

not too much but as much as other dogs do really but you can get different brishes that make the shedding much less

Are Springer Spaniels Intelligent?

Not as much so as German Shepherds, but yes. Fantastic dogs, even if a bit hyper.

How much does George Springer weigh?

MLB player George Springer weighs 204 pounds.

How much should your 16 week old springer spaniel pup weigh?


How much does cocker's weigh?

cocker spaniels can weigh anywhere from about 25-35 lbs. they can get overweight easeily so dont over feed them.

Is English springer spaniel shed?

Not very much, but it does. During puppy stage when it sheds its puppy fur that's when its the most. I'm allergic to dogs and I have an English springer. Doesn't reallly affect me.

Are English Toy Spaniels the same as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels?

The English toy spaniels are different then the Cavalier king Charles spaniel. I personally have a cavalier and think they are much prettier and magestic, but that's just me. The main difference between the two breeds is that the English toy spaniels has a pug like mussle.The English toy spaniel are also known as the king Charles spaniel (not too be confused with the Cavalier king Charles spaniel).Try Google that should help you to.

Is it safe for Springer Spaniels to eat Pizza?

NO!!! How could you even ASK that??? It coul,d make them sick, and it makes them fat, and if they have too much human food, they're life could get shortened!!!!

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