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A dozen is approximately $6 plus tax a single doughnut is 80 cents

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Q: How much do a dozen krispy kreme donuts cost?
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How much does Krispy Kreme donuts cost?

.49 cents

How much do Krispy Kreme donuts cost?

Arond 50 cents

How much does it cost to make a dozen donuts?

Well if you were to make donuts it would most likely after adding the cost of milk,eggs,flour,sugar,ext. it would cost about 8 to 10 dollars. personly I think you would be better off just buying a dozen at dunkin donuts of krispy cream. PS: French donuts are te best! Look up the recipe

A baker sells a dozen donuts for 3.99 The cost to make three donuts is 0.45 How much is the total profit on 5 dozen donuts?

Cost for making a dozen donuts is 1.8 dollars. Therefore the cost for making 5 dozens is 9 dollars. This implies that the profit one gets after selling five dozen donuts is 10.95 dollars.

How much willl 1 dozen donuts cost?

1 dozen doughnuts today will cost $6.49

Cost of 1 dozen donuts?

It depends on the place. Dunken Donuts is 2.00 bucks. Dunken Donuts is the cheapest. :)

How much do 1 dozen donuts cost?


What is the Cost of 1 dozen donuts?

$6.49. Round that!

How much does 2 dozen of donuts cost?


How much does it cost for a dozen donuts at winchell's?


How much does a dozen box of donuts cost?

my mom

How much does it cost for a dozen Dunkin' Donuts?

They are about 8 dollars for a dozen and 5 dollars for 1/2 dozen.

If donuts are 12 cents a dozen how much do 100 donuts cost?

100 donuts would cost $1.00. 12 donuts (1 dozen) / $0.12 cents = $0.01 per donut $0.01 per donut x 100 donuts = $1.00

1 dozen of donuts cost?

Go to the baker and ask!

How much does 1 dozen of donuts cost?

This depends on where you are shopping.

How much would 1 dozen of donuts cost?

about $2.00

How much does it cost for a dozen donuts?

This depends on which store you shop at.

How much did 1 dozen donuts cost in 1933?


How much 1 dozen of donuts cost today?


How much does 1 dozen donuts cost today?

It costs around $5.00.

What is the unit rate a dozen donuts cost 4.20?

12 donuts for 4.20 = 2 6/7 = 2.8571 donuts (approx) for 1.00

How much did it cost for 1 dozen of donuts in 1970?

I will ask my grandmother and will get back to you. LOL.

How much does it cost for a dozen Dunkin' Donuts in Philippines?

240 Php

How much are doughnuts from dunkin doughnuts?

A dozen donuts cost $5.99

How much does it cost for one dozen Tim horton donuts?