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architects start out not getting paid so well but if you are good you'll get paid a lot

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Q: How much do architects get paid?
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How much do architects get paid in Australia?

not a lot...

How much do the highest architects get paid?


How much do architects get paid a week?

nothing they get paid every 2 weeks or monthly but i,m sure they get alot

How much do architects get paid yearly?

Well an Architects salary may vary because of the years of experience which he/she has. An architect can make anything from $40,000 to even $95,000.

How are architects paid?

in lots of money

How much do architects get paid an hour?

For a newly graduate, it is about $22.00 an hour.

How much does the highest paid architect make a year?

The highest payed architects are payed roughly 127,000 dollars.

Are architects better paid than musicians?


How much do architects make in their salary?

An Architect will get $100,000-$300,000 A month. My Brother,Jesse is an Architect and he gets paid about $200,500 a month.

Do architects get paid vacations?

Some do and some don't. It depends on your employers.

How much do architects make in California?

Architects make in a year about $500,000. That's about how much I make in one dam year

How much does an architects make per year?

Architects gets around 150,000 - 200,000 per year.

If you want to design houses what is that called and how much would you get paid for doing that?

architects design houses and they make depending on experience, knowledge, location and all other similar staff

How much money do architects earn in Nevada?

Architects in Nevada make around 70,000 dollars a year. This is much lower than in other states in the country.

What is the scope of architects in india?

The scope of architects in India is limited to the construction industry, which involves urban planning, surveying, and much more.

How much do house architects earn a year?


Do architects have a salary?

It depends. If they work for a company sometimes they work for a salary (a set yearly amount usually). Other architects might work on a specific job, and get paid to complete plans for a particular house or building.

How much do architects charge?

The amount of money that architects charge depends on the architect. Every person charges a slightly different amount of money.

What is the salary range for architecture and construction?

In India, architects are usually well paid. The profession is seen as a "premium" job as the industry demand for architects is over 1,00,000 per year whereas supply is just abt 22000..

How much do a physical therapy get paid an hour?

how much do physical thearipist get paid how much do physical thearipist get paid how much do physical thearipist get paid how much do physical thearipist get paid

How much should architects charge per hour?


How much do landscape architects get paied?

30,000 to 50,000 a yeat

How much does a single hauz by front architects cost?

a lot.

How much money does an architects earn in botswana?

peanuts my friend

What is a group of architects called?

A gathering/group of architects is known as a confusion of architects