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Q: How much do bottlenose dolphins eat?
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Do bottlenose dolphins eat kelp?

Bottlenose Dolphins are carnivores, meat eaters. They don't eat kelp.

Do bottlenose dolphins eat sharks?

No, sharks do not form part of the diet of bottlenose dolphins.

What do bottlenose dolphins eat in captivity?

Bottlenose dolphins in captivity eat whatever fish they are being fed by their caretakers.

Do bottlenose dolphins eat plants?


Are bottlenose dolphins herbivores?

Bottlenose dolphins are carnivores, meat eaters. They don't eat plants.

What does bottlenose dolphins eat?

They eat fish and squid.

What eat bottlenose dolphins?

They eat fish and squid.

Do sharks eat bottle nose dolphins?

yes sharks do eat bottlenose dolphins

Do bottle nose dolphins eat sharks?

yes sharks do eat bottlenose dolphins

Why do bottlenose dolphins have sharp teeth?

Bottlenose Dolphins eat a lot of fish. And need Sharp teeth to Catch them with.

Do bottlenose dolphins eat parrot fish?

Bottlenose dolphins eat a variety of fish. There would be no reason they would not eat a parrot fish if the situation presented itself.

Do killer whales eat bottlenose dolphins?

Yes, they do.

Does the bottlenose dolphins live by the shore?

Bottlenose dolphins are separated into two groups, the near shore bottlenose dolphins, and the offshore bottlenose dolphins. The nearshore bottlenose dolphins are always located close to shore.

What do bottlenose eat?

bottlenose dolphins eat a wide variety of fish, squid, and crustaceans while offshore bottlenose dolphins prefer squid.To be more specific, They eat mackerel, mullet, herring, and cod, but will eat any fish if there is a shortage of them in their area.

When do Bottlenose Dolphins eat?

Bottlenose dolphins eat from 4 to 6% of their weight in fish every day. They sometimes follow shrimp boats to eat the discarded fish from the shrimp nets.

Do bottlenose dolphins eat spotted sea trout?

Bottlenose dolphins eat a variety of fish. There would be no reason they would not eat a spotted sea trout if the situation presented itself.

Do bottlenose dolphins have teeth?

bottlenose dolphins do have teeth

Do bottlenose dolphins eat squid?

Yes. An occasional squid is part of a Bottlenose Dolphin's diet.

Are bottlenose dolphins carnivores?

Yes. They primarily eat fish.

Do bottlenose dolphins bite?

no, bottlenose dolphins do not bite, they dont even bite to eat food! they simply flip the fish in the air then swallows it

Do bottlenose dolphins eat krill?

yes! bottlenose dolphins usually snack on shrimp, krill, sea plants and other small fish

Do dolphins eat eels?

There are certain breeds of dolphins that eat eels. Bottlenose dolphins for example tend to eat eels as part of their diet.

How do bottlenose dolphins eat their food?

They eat their food with thir long snout

Do bottlenose dolphins have predators?

Yes, bottlenose dolphins do have predators

Are bottlenose dolphins are endangered species?

No. Bottlenose dolphins are not endangered.