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How much do colleges pay attention to your freshman grades?

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April 22, 2009 7:27PM

Not much. Your high school GPA is very important, but your freshman year is probably the least important. If your grades were bad that year, but improved, write a separate note to the school explaining why that happened and why that means they should accept you Most colleges won't even look at freshman year, but if you were falling behind and made a significant improvement they will like that. I've heard that nowadays, more than ever. Stanford has actually started paying attention to 7th grade grades. Soooo yea. But not all colleges have started doing this, nor will they anytime soon. But just remember... The two answers above are incorrect in most circumstances. There are a few schools that ignore 9th grade grades, but only a few. The rest look at cumulative performance beginning in high school. A rising trend helps, but will not completely offset a bad, 9th grade performance.