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Not much. Your high school GPA is very important, but your freshman year is probably the least important. If your grades were bad that year, but improved, write a separate note to the school explaining why that happened and why that means they should accept you Most colleges won't even look at freshman year, but if you were falling behind and made a significant improvement they will like that. I've heard that nowadays, more than ever. Stanford has actually started paying attention to 7th grade grades. Soooo yea. But not all colleges have started doing this, nor will they anytime soon. But just remember... The two answers above are incorrect in most circumstances. There are a few schools that ignore 9th grade grades, but only a few. The rest look at cumulative performance beginning in high school. A rising trend helps, but will not completely offset a bad, 9th grade performance.

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Q: How much do colleges pay attention to your freshman grades?
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How much do your grades from freshman year in high school affect your chances of getting into a good college?

If you get good grades in the last 3 years, not that much at all. First, different colleges have different requirements. Many are relying less on grades and more on SATs, outside activities, etc. Second, a college will look at your overall GPA first. If your GPA is low for a particular college, they will often take into account the fact that you had some problems in freshman year but worked up to your potential in subsequent years. This might be an issue you'll want to address in your entrance essay. Though while freshman year grades are probably the least important, you still want to get good grades in the right classes. You really don't want to fail a class and then have to take it over the next year. That is a waste of a class hour where you could have taken something else. Answer Not much, especially if your grades consitently improve thorough out high school.

Does your high school GPA include all four years or is it from freshman year to junior year?

Your overall high school GPA will include all of your years at high school. However, when applying to colleges, different rules apply. Obviously, the standards of all colleges are different, however, most are the same. Most colleges only look at your GPA from sophomore year and junior year. Freshman year is glanced at, but not given much importance to, and senior year doesn't matter much because by the time you're a senior, you'll already have been accepted into a college or rejected by it. However, that does not mean the senior year is unimportant. If the colleges see a sudden change in your grades...for whatever reason...slacking, "senior-itis", they can still kick you out before you even enter. The GPA necessary for attending varies with each college. However, in most places, colleges do not look at the grades you receive for physical education (PE). That part is normally left out of your GPA for colleges. Yet to answer the main question, when you graduate from high school...your overall GPA is determined by all four years of your school...the GPA that is on your transcript.

If you didn't well during your freshman and sophomore years but received a 90 or above average your junior year will any good colleges even look at me?

you shouldn't worry so much about freshman and sophmore year, trust me. do well in your junior and senior years and on your sat/act and you will be fine

Can you get in a university if you messed up your freshman year?

Absolutely! First of all, colleges will definitely look at how much you have improved over the years. If you do well on your SAT and have a decent overall GPA, you should have no problems getting in.

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Will you be able to get into a good college if your GPA was 1.5 your freshman year but it was 3.8 your sophomore and junior years?

Your cumulative GPA will be lower due to your first year, but what you have going for you is that you recognized you weren't fulfilling your potential, took steps to correct it and succeeded. Grades are realied upon heavily when colleges look at prospective students, but so is character and a pattern of responsibility and potential. I wouldn't worry too much if you keep your grades up. Extracurricular activities on your record also look very good. I was in this exact same situation in high school. I started first semester freshman year with a 1.6 gpa, but I repeated a course and got it together the years following, and ended high school with a 3.3 gpa. I just finished my first semester at the University of Northern Iowa with a 3.8!

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In freshman year do I have to take Art in order to become a fashion designer or can't I take it in Senior Year?

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Why is it important to get an A in school?

It is not as important to get perfect grades as it is to do your best and learn as much as you can. Most colleges do want the "straight A" students, but if you have B's and a good attitude, you will be able to get into a good school.Concentrate more on learning how to learn so that you can succeed no matter what you do!

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Can you raise your freshman and sophomore year cumulative GPA from 3.7 to a 3.9 How much total can you raise my GPA from the end of my sophomore year which is 3.7 to?

It is possible to raise a 3.7 GPA to a 3.9, but it will depend on the number of classes you take your junior and senior years and the grades you earn in those classes.

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