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How much do construction workers pay in weekly deductions?


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they get paid 13,999 weekly after deductions.

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Construction workers make from $100 to $300 depending on where construction sites are located. Workers usually get paid more in coastal regions.

The number of US construction workers registered in a union in 2010 was 801,000. However, there are more workers that do not belong to a union. Thus, this number is actually much higher if we are counting workers overall.

does macys warehouse workers get paid bi-weekly

IN Georgia most construction workers make 5K or more

According to the Beauru of Labor Statistics, the average salary for workers constructing "Nonresidential buildings" is about $45000/yr. The pay for construction workers varies. Commercial construction workers can earn as much as $20000-$40000 a year.

depends on your deductions...such a how many dependents and also whether or not you have insurance, dental premuims taken out

Construction workers make an average of 20 dollars or more an hour. The longer you work in this field, the more you can make. Many workers have the opportunity for overtime and can make 35 dollars or more an hour.

construction laborers, totaling over 77,000, earned a mean annual salary of $31,870

Road construction workers can expect to make about 700 to 1,400 dollars per week during the construction season. In northern states, construction is halted or minimal.

There has been much negative publicity about this subject. Construction workers on the Burj Dubai site are said to earn as little as $4 per day.

The salary for a construction worker will vary depending on the state and employer. Many construction workers, make an average of $1,400 every two weeks.

Highway, street, and bridge construction $14.48Nonresidential building construction 12.97Other specialty trade contractors 12.35Foundation, structure, and building exterior contractors 11.89Residential building construction 11.42

It depends on their trade and how skilled they are. Famers may not make much but a good skilled finish carpenter.

The cost in Ohio will be $189. $124 in a non construction zone. I've heard conflicting answers on arguing if it matters if workers are present or not.

How much is 125,000 a year weekly

Labourers usually get minimum wage, skilled trades get paid according to the scale of their profession.

If I make $32,000 a year how much is my bi-weekly pay?

It depends on how much experience you have and what company you work with. Also where you work depends on how much you make too like highway workers make more than residential workers. The average seems to be around 17 dollars per hour

very little unless you put the very long hours in the job or if your a supervisor its a manual labor job so not much

Unfortunately, most construction jobs hire workers with on the job experience or related job experience. The best bet would be to try to find a job in construction, remodeling, roofing or landscaping that does not require much skill and observe and learn the trade. With work experience, finding a job in general labor or construction should be much easier.

Minimum will vary from one place to another. How much you get paid depends on the hourly rate, number of hours, and the taxes that are withheld from your check. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, when minimum wage was first introduced in the 1930s as part of the New Deal it was 25 cents/hour and the work week was 44 hours, so a weekly check (before deductions) was $11.00 The current minimum wage is $7.25/hour (some states are higher) and the work week is 40 hours, so a weekly check (before deductions) is $290.00 Deductions will depend on the W-4 you gave your employers and other things, they reduce the actual amount of the check as written.

i dont really know but when my father got hurt doing construction he got paid $450 weekly.

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I t will depend on your deductions!

Your GROSS pay is before any deductions. Compute deductions, subtract them from your gross pay, and get your NET pay- that is how much you get to take home.

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