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I lived in Oklahoma and at the Walmart, my dad found a fiddler crab for $3! Make sure their habitat is heated 75- 85 degrees

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Do fiddler crabs eat baby fiddler crabs?

No but they eat dead fiddler crabs.

How much water do fiddler crabs need?

A lot

How do fiddler crabs move?

Fiddler crabs move with the feet below their bodies.

Are fiddler crabs endangered?

No, they aren't. There are still about 97 species of fiddler crabs.

Can fiddler crabs be together?

I guess? How else can they have baby fiddler crabs? XDDD

Can fiddler crabs get along with hermit crabs?

Just as long as the fiddler crabs do as their name suggests to a hermit crab

What do fiddler eat?

they eat humans fiddler crabs eat other smaller crabs

Do fiddler crabs pinch?

all crabs do

What do fiddler crabs eat other than crab food?

Fiddler Crabs eat Plankton.

How do male fiddler crabs attract female fiddler crabs?

by rubbing their big claw on there body

What class is the fiddler crab in?

The fiddler crab is in the Malacostraca class. Male fiddler crabs typically live for 3 years, and female fiddler crabs for 2 years.

Why is a fiddler crab called a fiddler crab?

These crabs are called fiddler crabs because when the crab is eating it looks like it is playing the fiddle.

How much water needed for fiddler crabs?

1 half of a inch

Are ghost crabs and fiddler crabs the same thing?

Ghost crabs? Well that depense if it is a dead fiddler crab so it would be the same/

Are hermit crabs like fiddler crabs?

yes they are

How do fiddler crabs behave?

== == == ==

What is classification of fiddler crabs?


Are fiddler crabs a chordate?


Are fiddler crabs mammals?

no they are not

Why are fiddler crabs called fiddler crabs?

Because of the motions of their appendages. The movements are similar to someone playing a violin.

Do fiddler crabs have eyelids?

Fiddler crabs have clear scales over their eyes, but they do not have eye lids that move like we do.

What group are fiddler crabs in?

They're in the crustation or the crabs group.

Why do fiddler crabs change pale at night?

crabs are nocturnal

What are the different kinds of crabs?

The three I know of are fiddler crabs, hermit crabs and horseshoe crabs.

What will you need to maintain the fiddler crabs habitat?

you kill the fiddler crab