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Q: How much do kohl's sales associates make?
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How much do sales associates make?

Sales associates make around 25,000 dollars a year. If they are on commission they have the potential to earn more.

How much do sales associates at Neiman Marcus make?


On average how much do Kohls employees make?

It is based on your experience and the department you are hired for. The customer service associates make more than the department associates. Roughly, the employees make about $8.00 per average starting out.

How much does talbots sales associates make?

I work part time at Talbots and I make $10.50 an hour

How much do sales associates make at Belk's?

I started out at minimum wage but was making $14 an hour when I quit as a sales asscociate.

How much do sales associates in women's apparel make at Neiman Marcus?

1 hours

How much does Michael's store pay sales associates?


How much do sales associates make at American eagle outfitters?

As a sale associate for AE in Soho, I make $9 an hour but I think it differs by location

Who much do new home sales associates earn?

The amount of money that new home sales associates earn varies. In most cases, they earn a commission from the sales which is between 3% to 6% of the sale price.

How much does a sales associate make at spirit Halloween store?

Sales Associates at Spirit Halloween stores make minimum wage. This depends on your state of residence. The manager may also up your salary based on your performance.

How much does Kohls pay overnight ad set associates?

Kohl's doesn't pay enough. Their pay is well below Target's compensation.

How much does Kohls pay overnight freight associates?

starting pay for overnight frieght in North Dakota is 8.00 and that includes a .75 differential

How much do cosmetics sales associates make at Neiman Marcus?

Sales Associates make 9 per cent in cosmetics at Neiman Marcus. When you return anything....the commission is reversed. Yes, this is so. And since it's commission based you can make anywhere from $ 40.000 to $ 80.000 or more. But not less, since if you make less you are not making your goal and are in danger of losing your job.

How much do aerie workers get paid?

sales associates (cash register, floor sales etc.) get paid $7.50/hr.

How much does someone who works at a tanning salon make?

starting ranges from about $7-$9 an hour for sales associates. managers often work on a salary.

How much do J Crew sales associates make?

depending on where you work mainly, where i live in Jersey its usually 12.99 hr. if ur rele rele good...but thats rarely

How much does a sales person on commission get paid at sears outlet?

As a sales associate at sears outlet myself, I get paid $4.50 per hour, plus various different % of commission. On average, with commission + base pay, I make roughly $17-19/hr. Most sales associates, however, make closer to 11-14$ per hr.

How much do lane bryants sales associate make?

Sales associates that work for Lane Bryant retail establishments generally start out at minimum wage that is in place in their state. However, this is solely dependent on each store setup and owners' regulations that they have in place.

How much does a Staples employee earn?

usually sales associates start out at 10 cents above minimum wage.

How much money do optical sales associate make?


How much does a pharmacist with an associates degree make a year?

You cannot be a pharmacist with an associates degree. The degree requirement is a doctorate (Pharm.D)

How much does Kohls pay an hour?


How much do cardiovascular technologists make?

Their first year with an associates degree make around $48,500.

How much money does a Lowe's employee make?

The prevailing wage or minimum wage would apply. The reported averages from this year are from $ 9.34 an hour for retail cashiers to $ 13.20 or $ 13.24 an hour for Sales Specialists and Associates.

How much does a Verizon wireless sales agent make?

top sales people can make 50,000 plus.