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Q: How much do manta rays weigh?
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What is a group of manta rays called?

A grouping of manta rays is called a school.

What are a manta rays?

Manta Rays are sea animals, they are relatives of the shark. they look like sting rays, but manta rays are a lot bigger.

Do manta rays have scales?

No, manta rays do not have scales.

What is the collective noun for a group of manta rays?

I've heard the term for a group of manta rays to be "A fever of manta rays"

How much do manta rays way?

As much as 5,000 pounds.

Are manta rays omnivors or carnivores?


How do manta rays fight?

Manta rays belongs to the class of animals called manta or Elasmobranchii. Other classes of manta rays has the ability to produce electricity which they use on fighting predators.

What is the collective noun for rays?

The collective noun for sting rays or manta rays are:a fever of stingraysa fever of manta raysThere is no standard collective noun for rays of light.

What is the lifespan of a manta ray?

Manta rays live for up to 40 to 50 years in the wild, and could live considerably longer. Since they do not stop growing for most of their lives, they can be as wide as 20 feet and weigh as much as 5,000 pounds.

What is the difference between sting rays and manta-rays?

sting rays sting and manta rays dont sting rays live hiding on the bottom and eat small creatures manta rays are free swimming and filter feed.

What do manta rays eat?

Manta rays are filter feeders and eat plankton.

Do manta rays eat plankton?

yes, manta rays do eat plankton.

When was The Manta Rays of Time created?

The Manta Rays of Time was created in 2000.

How much babies does the manta ray have?

Manta Rays usually have between one and two pups per litter.

What are manta rays classified as?

Manta Rays are classified as Elasmobranchii, which is used to class other rays and sharks. The manta ray is a part of the eagle ray family of Myliobatidae.

Do manta rays bite?

manta rays cannot bite they have no teeth and they are filter feeders :)

Are there pygmy manta rays?

Yes, there is a species of smaller manta rays although i cant remember what they are called of the top of my head. Pygme or dwarf manta rays come into mind. I had a dive last year with some pygme manta rays last year in australia.

What is the Manta Rays abiotic factor and there lifestyle?

manta rays abiotic are rocks, dirt , the water

Are manta rays deadly voracious predators?

no middle schoolers are cool and so are the manta rays

How much does the average manta ray weigh?


Are manta rays bigger then stingrays?

Manta rays can grow much bigger than stingrays. Mantas can grow up to 23 feet while stingrays can grow up to 6.5 feet.

Are manta rays vertebrates?

Yes, Manta Rays are vertebrates. Their spine is made of gristle, like a shark.

What are manta rays?

Manta rays are large, cartilaginous, salt water fish in the Elasmobranchii subclass which includes sharks and skates The manta ray is the largest of the rays. They can typically be found in and around coral reefs feeding on plankton and fish larvae. To learn more about manta rays, see the Related Links.

What is the manta rays biggest predator?

The only organism known to prey upon manta rays are large warm-water sharks, such as tiger sharks. See the Related Links for more info about Manta Rays.

Are a manta ray a fish?

Yes, manta rays are fishes.