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How much do marines get paid?

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How much does an E 2 get paid in marines?

As of Jan. 1 2012 Base pay is $1,671.00

Do marines get paid 3200 dollars?

Yeah they get paid 3200 up

Are marines under paid?

Every one who lays down their life for their country is under paid, but Marines are no more underpaid than the rest of the services.

How much do deployed Marines get paid?

It depends on your rank bro. But the good things is that Marines and other soldiers don't pay taxes while there deployed. So your check goes straight to bank.

How much do aqua marines get a hour?

aqua marine is a type of stone, last time i checked stones don't get paid.

How often do marines get paid?

1st and 15th of every month.

Do the US Navy pays the Marines?

No, they are paid by the Department of Defense.

How much does a riflemen in the marines get paid?

Every Marine in the U.S. Marine Corps is a rifleman. Marines are paid according to their rank and time in service. No one is paid by what job they do. Also, pay varies slightly depending on various factors. Defense Finance and Accounting Service (see related link below) has the most up-to-date information.

Who gets paid more E2 in the Army or Marines?

Their pay is the same.

How much does the lowest rank get paid in the Marines?

Well, an E-1 which is lowest gets payed 1400 or so in a month if you worked 1 year or less.

How much are marines paid a week?

For an E-2, less than 2 yrs service, $1699.80 per month. Divide by 4 for weekly equivalent.

How much do marines get paid an hour?

Check the military pay charts. They don't get paid a lot but housing and food is usually provided. All money they make is disposable income unless they live off base, etc

How often do you get paid in the marine reserves?

I can't say for the Marines, but the Navy Reserves paid monthly, and I can't see any reason it should be different.

How many total US Marines?

The marines try to total out at 210,000 but i believe the number of marines enlisted today is much higher, although i dont know the exact number As of now, the enlistment for the marines have gotten much tighter, since the branch is now full There are actually 202,000 active duty Marines. I am not sure the number of reservist.

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How much does an E-11 grade earn in a year in the Marines?

There is no such rate in the Marines or any branch of service.

Is it harder to join the army or the marines?

It's harder to join the Marines. They have much higher standards than the Army.

How do you use paid in a sentence?

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How much does a Canadian Marine make?

There are no Canadian Marines

Are US Marines paid monthly or bi-weekly?

Pay day is the 1st and 15th of each month.

How much money do marines corps get paid per month?

It depends on a few tging such as rank, number of dependents, and if you are deployed or not there is a pay chart you can find on the internet that should help you get and idea of how much you could expect to make depending on your rank.

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