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An occupational therapy assistant will make about $50,000 per year depending on experience and education level. This can increase with location as well.

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Q: How much do occupational therapy assistants make?
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How much can you make as an occupational therapy assistant with an associate's degree?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the estimated mean annual wage for occupational therapy assistants as of May 2008 is, $48,440. This would amount to $23.29 per hour.

How much can you make as an occupational therapy assistant?

A therapy assistant can make between $14.40 and $21.60 an hour

How much do Occupational therapist assistants make?

Assistant occupational therapists make around 80,000 a year and do much of they same work a therapist does. This money can change if they go into a large private practice setting.

How much does it cost to study Occupational therapy?

I study occupational therapy at the moment and it is free because the NHS pays for us to study it.

How much do Occupational Therapy Assistant make per year?

About $39,000 dollars a year. hope this helped!

How much does an occupational therapy assistant make per hour?

$47,490 per year $22.83 per hour

How much money does an occupational therapy earn?

The average salary for a typical Occupational Therapist in the US is $61,823.

How much do you get paid to be an occupational therapy assistant?

in the NHS it is a band 2

How much are Occupational Therapy Courses at UVU?

If you want to be a resident student, then the Occupational therapy program will cost $ 45280.02 which includes all the cost of courses and tuition fees for a three year course.

How much do dental assistants get paid in Utah?

how much do dental assistants make in Utah

How much do physical therapy assistants get paid a year?

avg 40,000 per yr after undergrad

How much, on average, do physical therapist assistants make per year?

The physical therapy field is a profession that is experiencing high demand. the aging population will need qualified therapists to assist in their lives. Physical therapy assistants can expect an average hourly wage of $18-$19 per hour. $40,000 annually.

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