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Nothing, that is part of his job.

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Q: How much do pay a Catholic priest for Last Rites?
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How much do you pay a Catholic Priest for performing the Rosary?


How much does a Catholic priest make?

$18,000 to $40,000. This all depends on their position.

What is the difference between a Catholic chapel and Catholic churc?

a catholic chapel is just a place to pray on your own and its much smaller. But a catholic church is where you pray wit the priest.

How do you be honest with yourself?

Talk to a Catholic Priest about that...he will really help you! it helped me so much!

How much money does a catholic priest make?

$18,000 to $40,000. This all depends on their position.

How is the Eastern Catholic Church similar to the Roman Catholic Church?

Catholic Answer It's just Catholic, not Roman Catholic. Roman is an epithet first commonly used in England after the protestant revolt to describe the Catholic Church. It is never used by the official Catholic Church. The Eastern Catholic Church is identical to the Catholic Church, they only differ in Rite. The Catholic Church includes all Rites. The person asking the question is using "Roman Catholic Church" which probably means that they are referring to the Latin Rite of the Church, but the Eastern Rites are every bit as much Catholic Church as the Latin Rite.

How is the western Church similar to Catholic Church?

.Catholic AnswerThey are similar in being pretty much the same thing, except that the Catholic Church also includes the Eastern Rites. The Western or Latin Rite is the largest and dominant Rite in the Church.

How much does a roman catholic bishop make in the Newark diocese?

That depends on the number of years the priest has been ordained.

What are the cremation rites in the Catholic Church?

There are no cremation rites. If a cremation takes place before the funeral mass takes place, the ashes of the individual may be present at the church for the mass. The Church much prefers that a funeral be held before cremation.

How do you hire a retired Catholic priest?

After a Catholic priest retires many try to relax as much as possible. Some may even move into retirement communities in Italy. If you would like to hire one you can contact them directly or ask their parish for contact information.

Can a Catholic deacon wear a Roman collar like a Priest?

Roman Catholic AnswerMost deacons wear a Roman collar, although permanent deacons who work outside of the Church usually don't, but they certainly may, they are clergy every bit as much as a priest.

Different rites of initiation among various religious denominations?

Rites are too interrupted. Rites are so much more dulled

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