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depends on the education the "plumber " has If the plumber only has a journeyman's license class A they can expect $50 per hr if they hold a masters license they can make in excess of $400 per hr

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Q: How much do plumbers pay hourly?
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Hourly rate of plumbers?

In my area, western Canada, the hourly charge is between 90 and 110 for plumbing, and often a 4 hour minimum. The plumbers in a company are getting 30-36 an hour.

How much do plumbers earn in Texas?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Area: Texas Period: May 2008 Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters Hourly Mean Wage: $20.34 Hourly Median Wage: $19.95 Hourly 90th Percentile Wage: $29.53

What is hourly rate for plumbers in South Africa?

670 Rubels

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Cosmetologist hourly pay?

The average hourly pay of a cosmetologist is $12 per hour. Cosmetologist can earn much more with the tips they receive from customers.

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How much is the hourly pay for Guess employees?

8.50 in the cambridge galleria

What is the hourly rate for plumbers?

In Norway it's 140kr abaout 20$ US

There is no need to be rude about this question how much is 21000 a year in hourly pay?

$10.50/hr. The rule of thumb is to take your annual pay and divide it by 2000. This will give you your approximate hourly pay.

What is hourly pay at trader joe's?

Pay's based on experiance, if you don't have much they will try to low ball you!!

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Starting wage is $7.25.

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How much does McDonald's pay hourly?

Starting wage is $7.25.

What do plumbers earn?

The hourly rates vary with qualifications the salary spread is $12.00 - $350+

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most only pay 10.00 an hour i think that is a lot

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:) love dairy queen!! :):):):):):):):):):):)::):)

Are electricians the highest-paid tradespeople?

Electricians have a high hourly rate. There are also several trades jobs that offer really high hourly rates like plumbers.

How much does an LPN earn per hour in Salt Lake City Utah?

The average hourly pay of LPNs in Salt Lake City is $19 per hour. The average hourly pay for LPNs in San Francisco is $24 per hour, and in Las Vegas, the average hourly pay is $20.

How much money does a neonatology make hourly?

doctors and nurses arent on an hourly pay schedule they get paid the days they work like teachers.

How much does a self employed plumber make?

The average self employed plumber has an hourly rate of $19 to $45. Several factors can play a role in salary, such as location, and years of experience. For example, plumbers in New Jersey average an hourly rate of $19 to $30.

How much hourly pay in Norway?

1 Joseph Kony and 10 kronels.

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