How much do tuxedos cost?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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I bought a package of tuxedos (2 Suits + 4 Shirts + 4 Ties. You can sub a Navy Blazer and Gray slacks for a suit.) in $2500. They are extremly fabulous and stylish. for more details you can visit

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Q: How much do tuxedos cost?
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How much does a tuxedo cost?

In fact, it doesn't cost much. You can go to FashionTIY.  The tuxedos there are good and cheap!

Who wears tuxedos in Antarctica?

Some workers and scientists who pack tuxedos in their gear can wear them during celebrations.

What is tuxedo plural?


Where can you find cheap boys tuxedos?

You can find cheap boys tuxedos and boys suits at,, or

Why do gangsters wear tuxedos?

So they do not get reckongnized!

Can tuxedos do things similar to the movie 'tuxedo'?


What is known for their natural tuxedos and marching?


Where can I buy used tuxedos online that are in good shape?

There are online retailers who offer gently worn tuxedos. Most are cast-off by rental shops. Check out these sites for more info: AND ( often has used tuxedos that are in great shape and they are highly recommended by customers. Another good site to check is Recycled Bride at Another site you might want to use will direct you to a number of sites that currently have used tuxedos available is

What did Andrew Jackson usually wear?

he wears tuxedos

Do penguins wear tuxedos?

No, Penguins do not wear tuxedoes.

Where can one rent tuxedos for weddings?

There are a number of companies that allow one to rent tuxedos for weddings. One can rent them from 'Men's Warehouse', 'Al's Formal Wear' and 'The Tux Shops'.

How do the characters in James Bond the movie dress?

They wear tuxedos.