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3cm and NO less!!

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Q: How much do you have to dilate before going to hospital?
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How much crystal meth can be taken before you must go to the hospital?

all of it.

How much does an elephant dilate?

If you are 4 cm dilated and 85 percent effaced and have starting having false labor how long until you go into true labor?

It totally depends! If you think you are going into labor, call your doctor or just go into the hospital. They will be able to tell you. I was 3 cm dilated for weeks and weeks! I got up to 70% effaced by 38 weeks. I went into labor and went into the hospital, however they sent me home because I didn't dilate past 3 cm in the entire hour I was there. 6 hours later I had my baby! So it happened very quickly for me. Pretty much RIGHT when I got home from my first trip to the hospital I started going into true and hard labor! Good Luck. :)

How much is taxi from Dublin Airport to private hospital?

Depends on what private hospital you are going to! There are lots of them in Dublin. Try using an online taxi fare calculator and plug in your starting and ending points to get an estimate.

What do pupils dilate means?

That the photoreceptor's in your eyes may be weak. or that you have concussion are unconscious or drugged or that there is not much light

What type of medical checkups do you need to get before going overseas?

This would depend very much on which country you are going to.

How much blood can a child lose before going into shock?

about 50% or more

Which dilates the pupils?

Pupils dilate when there's not enough light in the room or area you're in. They dilate to let in as much light as possible so you can see as well as you can in the dark. When outside and it's bright, your pupils get smaller because there is too much light. ~ ~Imadork881 changed to Sleenky ^.^

How much does a hospital spend on paper a year?

depend on how big the hospital is.

Can blood work at a hospital determine pregnancy before a missed period?

If you have the money in your pocket for a hospital visit, by all means go there. However, a test kit from the pharmacy would be much more cost effective and quicker.

How much blood can a dog loose before going into hemorragic shock?

50% of its blood

Do you go to the hospital if you pass out from crying too much?

If you pass out, you can't go to the hospital yourself but someone else should take you to the hospital. If you know the reason for passing out or fainting and you know it does not require medical care, than going to the hospital should not be necessary. Otherwise, it is a good idea to have yourself checked out by a doctor to determine the cause and possibly seek treatment.