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- $86 for ins

- $6.5 for dental

- $182 for federal tax

- $106 for SS tax

- $24.9 for medicare

= $1402.30 take home


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I just got hired at an agency in California as an mft intern. Their starting pay is 45-47k/year.

one meel-yon dollars. (this person obviously didn't attend school) Average teacher salary across the us is 47K a year. In California, average is around 58K a year.

nokia 2630c 47k resistanc

the Torah, a.k.a. the Five Books of Moses.

Maximum temperature: 57KMinimum temperature: 47K

86k. Resistance in series is the sum of the individual resistors.

Sadly Not Enough, I work at the Golden Crustations Retirment Home as a Bus Driver and my Income is at the minimum 47K/per week. I know How Shabby! Can't believe they can't pay me any more? In a year I will earn at least, 53.9 Million? :( Bus Driving is so POOR.

Yes it is. If you don't have many children or owe money to a lot of people this is a lot. You make roughly around $3,900 a month give or take, and say your bill's altogether are about $2500 (this is a large number I agree), you'll still have money in your pocket. Also if you stay somewhere expensive you will need to budget your money. In most Southern states though, you can live comfortably making that much if you're single.

75-76 You make about 1m. my calculations are : Xp from 75-99 is about 11.77m. so times that buy 250=47k logs. 47k of magic logs = about 65.8m in cash =) I'm not sure if that is totally correct but I'm sure its close. This was on 08 April 2010 Magic trees are a lot slower than yews. To actually have decent speed, cut yews till 95 and then mages from 95-99. 75-95 is about 20 mil with yews and 95-99 with mages is about another 23 mil. So that's about 43mil total. But from 75 to 99 doing all mages, youll end up with 99 wc being 90 years old still a virgin.

The Uncut Onyx. But that takes a LOT of tokkul. It is worth about 12m though. I would just go with the Obsidian shield those are only about 47k tokkul and they sell for a lot. 300k+

Check your colors. The gold band is probably on the end. If the colors are actually yellow - violet - orange - gold then it is a 47K resistor with 5% tolerance. See the related question for how we arrive at this value.

The general use of "k" to represent 1000 comes from kilo,the SI unit for 1000. Ie 1 kilogram (kg) is 1000 grams.

The salary range for a Rhode Island State Correctional Officer is 32-47K as of this date. The new contract, 5 1/2 years in the making, is currently in arbitration(binding) and is expected to increase correctional officers base salaries 3 - 6 pay grades. This being said, the base starting salary in the near future for correctional officers after graduation from the academy will range between 40-53k. I have been with the Dept. for 6 years, as of now my base salary is 41k, with holiday and built in daily OT I make approximately 50k a year for working 40hrs a week. Most Officers work OT due to the lack of having a contract for 5 1/2 years, with a little OT most Officers make between 60-80k per year, I made 67k, some who really like to work made well over 100k.

Most states require that you have a bacholers in Business Administration to even take the CPA exams your basicly moving from an entry level of $30K to $47K. Also it would be stupid to have your BA and not take the CPA exam. Why go 95% of the way and not finish off with the most important part?

This is for members and non-members, you must be level 33 at least in magic to do this. First buy 26 air runes and law runes. Secondly go to the Chaos Temple just west of goblin village. Thirdly because you cannot pick up the Zamorak wine you use telepathic grab to get it. Finally you sell a whole inventry worth to the grand exchange for about 47k(47,000 coins). I hope this has helped.

Most likely one of the wires in the wiring harness is starting to break. Just had the same problem with my 05 T&C with 47k miles; the driver's side door had a dead spot right where the door extends out of the track. Moving it a few more inches would allow the power to kick back in. Eventually it stopped working totally. The wiring harness (the plastic caterpillar track looking thing in the door track) had several broken links, and one of the wires broke in half. Had the harness replaced ($80 for the part alone) and works like new. 2 weeks later the passenger side doing same thing, so I will be doing that side, too. The harness gets a lot of wear & tear, and is a known issue. The dealer(and maybe some aftermarkets) has the ability to check the sliding door computers for trouble codes. That will tell you if it is a wiring, latch, or motor issue.

There were several "British" ships in WW-II, from patrol boats to carriers. Some of the most notable ships of the British fleet were: HMS KG-V: Battleship (10-14"/42cal. Mk-1 main batteries in a 2x4 and 1x2 configuration), other ships of this class: HMS Prince of Wales. HMS Rodney-Battleship (9-16"/45cal. main batteries in a 3x3 turret configuration all forward of the main super structure area). HMS Hood (Most Famous ship), WW-1 Battle Cruiser Displacing 42,000+ tonnes full combat load light/heavy 47K+ tonnes (8-15"/42cal. Mk-1 main batteries in a 2x2 configuration). HMS Renown, WW-I Battle cruiser (6-15"/42cal. Mk-1 main batteries in a 3x2 configuration) HMS Ark Royal, Aircraft carrier HMS Victorious, Aircraft carrier HMS Sheffield: Light cruiser HMS Norfolk: Heavy cruiser HMS Dorsetshire: Heavy cruiser

"Pay for an ArchitectI am an intern architect in the Midwest. I have also worked on the west coast. I know what many of my peers in different locations make. Once you leave an accredited 5-7 year school, your title will be "intern architect" until you finish your IDP training (which takes at least 3 years) and finish your ARE exams (another year, at least). After that, you can be classified as architect. Out of school, most interns make about 32-42, depending on geog. location. If you can find north of 36k fresh out of school anywhere, you're doing pretty well compared to your peers. 2-3 years w/o license = 40-45k. 4-6 yrs w/ license = 45-52k. This is essentially the peak until you are a consummate prof. at an established firm (10+ yrs exp w/ full command of architecture (not easy)). When at that level, 55-70k may be expected. Of course, owners of large firms often make north of 6 figures, but these people are seasoned professionals and account for less than 2% of the career. Add about 10k to all salary figures if located in coastal CA or NYC.This should clear things up:The 2005 Compensation Report compiled by the AIA (American Institute of Architects) gives these figures for the national medians:Entry-level intern - 34,000Second-year intern - 35,900Third-year intern - 39,700Architect/designer I - 41,600Architect/designer II - 50,000Architect/designer III - 58,000Senior architect/designer - 68,900Project manager - 68,900Department head/senior manager - 85,600This is the most comprehensive and industry specific study out there. In my personal experience, I find these numbers to be very accurate as a median. Of course, some do make more, and some do make less.AnswerThe average salary for an Architect in the United States is $47K (from, it does not consider experience location though. But you can look in details of those 17000 architect jobs salary listed there AnswerThe median expected salary for a typical Architect in the United States is $56,637. AnswerThe above answer from the intern from the Midwest was laughable. I do not know ANY architect who would work for that. See list of current salaries. The base pay upon registration is about 75k and 80's - 90's is not uncommon. If you hold the title "designer" in a firm the pay is around 140k. I have 7 years experience and am about to sit for the ARE and make quite a bit more than the poster claims that a licensed Architect makes, I know draftsmen that make that. See the April 2007 issue of Architect magazine for current salaries, also here is a link to another source,+TXI also found the salaries listed in Architect magazine to be very accurate with what I have experienced (April 2007 issue). Please also understand that a firm is going to pay for experience - NOT your degree. Many interns are shocked when they get out of school at how little they actually know. Remember a degree is a beginning and certifies one as an independent learner in said subject - not an expert. Most of the valuable information and knowledge you will acquire in this Profession will be working at a firm and be exposed to a large variety of building types, hence, different conditions, materials and applicable codes. Architect Magazine lists the salary for an Intern Architect (not registered) with 5 years experience ranging from $48,138 - $58, 164; A Registered Architect with 15 year experience $72,678 - $96,928 - it also lists the typical benefits as full health, dental , contributing 401k, etc. These figures are based on a nationwide survey of firms.AnswerLike other professionals who are the very top performers in their field, they can charge almost anything for their services and someone with more money than good since will pay it. Several million dollars a year would not be unheard of. According to the 2006-2007 Occupation Outlook Handbook published by the US Department of Labor, the median salary of architects was $62,960 with the middle 50% earning between $46,690 and $79,770. This was slightly above accountants (median income $50,770), college professors (median income $51,800) and on par with most branches of engineering (median income of roughly $60K).Intern architects typically earn between $35k to 58k depending on experience prior to licensure. Architects that have completed the internship period can expect an average starting salary of between $51,709 and $64,519. For 10 years' experience, the base compensation level increases significantly to an average range of $62,608-$79,919; that range reaches $72,678-$96,928 for architects with 15 years' experience.Senior architects and partners typically have earnings that exceed $100K annually. It is not unusual for an officer or equity partner to earn a base salary of $235,000, with a bonus of $200,000. Due to the major stake in ownership that equity partners may have, they can earn incomes approaching, and occasionally surpassing, seven figuresAnswerYes, that is true, but again, depending on the part of the country and if one is practicing in a speciality - they can expect to earn more. Also because something is listed as salary does not mean that there are not those who earn more than that. Most firms pay for experience whether one is licensed or not, the license is good to strive for as a personal goal but does not help a large firm since they do not need you to seal the plans. Also, regarding the Intern Salaries, yes, $58k is for an intern with 3 years experience in a major market someone who is still an "intern" not licensed can make considerable more and approaching a Licensed Architect's wage (and in a few cases more) if they have the requisite years of experience, especially in production. It is easy to find "people" - but hard to find good people with production experience. Also: Completed Internship means "More than 3 years experience." And not necessarily licensed. as employee in Germany (Dipl.-Ing. = M.Arch.): 1st year 1800-2400 EURO / month (pre-tax) 2nd year 2000-2600 EURO / month (pre-tax) Answeractually, what the original poster isn't that far off. I'm also in Texas with about 7 years experience and I'm not even at the 50k mark. if i get licensed i HIGHLY doubt I'll get 20k-30k pay upgrade, but this is coming from the fact that i work in a small firm. maybe the person who posted the dallas, tx. salary is working at a big firm??????????? either way i think in general this profession is underpaid for all the stress and education it entails. AnswerYes, not for their part of the country but for Dallas it is WAY OFF.You are right-you probably will not get a substantial raise because you have not checked the current market value in your area. I am the one who posted the Texas info and that is for an 80 person firm. I have found that you make what you think you are worth. Unfortunately, there are some who throw out a low-ball figures so they will get the job, incorrectly thinking: "...they will see how good you work and offer me more money." It simply does not work that way. You have to know what you are worth and the going rates in your area. If you agree to work for under 50k (lower than standard wage) the employer is not going to try and talk you out of it. The average salary, according to Architect magazine, for interns right out of school is 45k and Dallas pays higher than many places. You have to know what you are worth before you accept a position. Architect magazine said the avergae pay, not licensed, in the southwest, 8 year of experience is 58k+. You are right, licensing does not make a substantial difference but the base for a licensed Architec in Dallas is 70k. I have a friend not licensed who is a PM at a medium sized firm making 92k. And yes, once people become licensed they typicall go to another firm to get a substantial raise, since, obviously one's skills did not improve vastly over night upon notice of licensure. Again check out the April 2007 issue of Architect magazine (and that info is TWO YEARS OLD!!).AnswerThese days, if an architect has a job, that's a feat in itself. If any firm in any metro area posted a help wanted ad asking for 5 year experienced architect, literally hundreds of well-qualified candidates will show - all willing to work for 50k. Talk to any firm manager and ask him/her about how many resumes they get - mine's getting over 10 per day.Architecture has been hit very hard by this recession/depression, and anyone (that isn't delusional) looking for a job right now isn't going to get one if they have unrealistic expectations about salary. You take what they give you, you work your b*tt off, and you hope you can bargain for a good raise when business is better. I wish we architects had it easier, but we don't - if you're needing big money, you should look for another profession.AnswerWhat you are saying, regarding this economy is very true. It is currently a tough market. I should have clarified, I mean in an economy where firms are hiring - those are the going rates and, of course, when firsm start hiring again they will be offering lower wages-no doubt until the economy rebounds-no doubt about that."

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Cable one will be fast enough until you have dowloaded 1347 MB of data then the speed is cut to 1500 kb second, regardless of how a fast a service you have paid for with unlimited usage. Here is their quote: The enforcement period begins mid-afternoon and continues until approximately midnight. For example: A "Residential" customer getting extended speeds who consumes 1,347 MB of download bandwidth during the measurement period will automatically change provisioning to Standard Speeds until midnight of that day. Yes, until you hit their download cap. Then your speed cuts in half, which would be OK if Netflix would simply lower quality by 1/2 instead of using buffering. Buffering assumes you will resume speed (which you will after midnight)but not while watching the movie at hand. The reduced speed severely affects upload speeds (300 k down to 47k) which makes my VOIP phone almost worthless. We should all get together and with the help of Netflix and other online video suppliers take these guys to court, they are very sneaky and almost refuse to tell you about their download restriction. Here it is:Bandwidth, Data Storage and Other Limitations...The enforcement period begins mid-afternoon and continues until approximately midnight. For example: A "Residential" customer getting extended speeds who consumes 1,347 MB of download bandwidth during the measurement period will automatically change provisioning to Standard Speeds until midnight of that day. So even if you buy their fastest plan they will dump you to 1500kb second about 2/3 of the way through the movie with 3000kb service and much sooner if you have faster service which means that Netflix will download at better quality which means you us up your MB allotment even sooner, so, the higher speed service causes movie interruption sooner than the slow service.

All you have to do is go to HP drvier web site and get the appropriate driver that would fit the situation or problem you are trying to fix. Use the following search methods as follows: In the search box keyin hp drivers that should take you to a site where all drivers for HP or found then its a matter of you keying in the type of hardware driver you are looking at this point I'm guessing that it is a print driver. If not you can go to the offical site or store and get one I am suppling you with a list from HP. Good luck! 1 - 10 of about 669,000 for hp drivers; HP Official Store : Get Special Offers on Notebooks, Printers & More! HP Official Store. : ; Update HP Drivers : Detect & upgrade out-of-date drivers automatically. Free scan. :; HP Support & Drivers : Directory of HP support and additional resource information. Get assistance for: drivers, software downloads, software updates, patches, find authorized ... : - 59k - Cached - Similar pages ; HP Canada Support & Drivers : Directory of HP support and additional resource information: desktops and workstations, mobile products, printing and digital imaging, storage, servers, ... : - 54k - Cached - Similar pages ; HP Software, Drivers Support : For drivers & software, frequently asked questions, user forums. : - - Cached - Similar pages ; HP products and Microsoft® Windows® XP : Before installing SP2, check to see if there are any driversfrom HP you need to download first: » HP and Compaq Desktop PC Customers ... : - 37k - Cached - Similar pages ; Software & Driverdownloads : (e.g. Deskjet 990cse). Question or keywords:. HPCustomer Care All of HP United States ... Software & Driver downloads. Enter a product number ... : - - Cached - Similar pages ; HP & Windows Vista - Support and Drivers Information : HP has worked closely with Microsoft to deliver an excellent customer experience for HPproducts working with Windows Vista. To locate a driver for your ... : - 36k - Cached - Similar pages ; Compaq Software and Drivers : Download the latest Compaq drivers, files and utilities. : - 47k - Cached - Similar pages ; HP LaserJet 4100 Printer series - Download drivers and software ... : By downloading, you agree to the terms and conditions of the HP Software License Agreement. Choose your software/driver language: ...: - 56k - Cached - Similar pages ; HP Designjet Drivers- HP Designjet Online : HP Designjet Online offers driver downloads for its line of Designjet printers. : - 45k - Cached - Similar pages ; SM - HP Universal Print Driver Series for Windows - overview and ... : Overview & highlighted features for the HP Universal Print Driver for Windows. Includes links to view detailed specifications, compare this model or series ... : - 37k - Cached - Similar pages

For the first time, I just had to replace the rear turn signal bulb on my 2005 Subaru Outback wagon. I ran into the same question as you. The access door that existed on earlier Subaru wagons was not helpful, as you say. Not close enough to the lamp assembly to help... I managed to download a good many pdf's of Subaru technical service manual stuff when I first bought the car. I looked up how to change the rear turn signal lamp. The documentation was a little confusing, but I managed -- after about 30 minutes of confusion -- to figure it out. There are two little black Phillips head screws that you can see in the little black panel piece between the rear door opening and the tail light assembly. I first tried removing those two screws as one would any Phillips screw: Insert Phillips, turn counterclockwise, and wait for the thing to turn its way out. This, however, did not seem to be doing anything -- the screw just turned as if it were stripped or something. I could tell from the documentation that those screws were somehow removable. The secret was this: Put a Phillips screwdriver into the screw, but put NO pressure on the screw to hold it in. If you merely turn the screwdriver counterclockwise (about 1/4 turn) WITHOUT pushing in on the screwdriver, you will see that it will turn itself out just a little. Once it starts coming out, just grab it with your fingers and pull it out. These "screws" are really just little expansion devices to keep that black panel piece in place. Anyway, remove those two screws/clips/whatever they are. At this point, you can wiggle that black piece a little, and it will come completely out. There are 3 little hidden hooks/clips holding the piece to the light assembly. The owner's manual says that you have to use a flat-head screwdriver to pry the black piece out of its clips. It tells you to cover the head of the screwdriver with tape (I guess so you won't inadvertently scratch the lens) and to put it between the light assembly and the black piece and use it to release the clips. I needed to do this, but it may be that you can release the clips merely by wiggling the piece.The purpose of that little black piece is to cover up the REAL fasteners that hold the rear light assembly in place: two 10mm bolts. Remove those two bolts. Now comes the second piece of information that you need to know to keep from damaging your light assembly. Once you have removed those two 10mm bolts, you will notice that the light assembly stays somewhat firmly in place, as if something else had it attached to the car body. Really, there is no third bolt or anything; instead, it's like it pushes into a small track or something, and it must slide out by pulling on it exactly toward the REAR side of the car (as opposed to the SIDE of the car). In other words, stand directly BEHIND the light, grasp it, and pull it straight out the back, without bending it in any fashion toward the SIDE of the car. Turns out it comes out rather easily as long as you tug on it the right way. The rest of it is simple bulb replacement as in many other cars. Find the right bulb (7440 is the Sylvania number for the turn signal lamp, 7443 is the number for the stop/tail light lamp), and replace the bulb. The remainder is just the reverse of the disassembly. So, only two things a bit unusual: The little black Phillips "screws", and the direction to pull on the light assembly once the fasteners are removed. Good luck. BTW, my wagon has 47K miles on it and apparently needs a new hub (wheel) bearing. Do you know if anyone else out there is experiencing wheel bearing issues with the 2005 Outback models? Again, good luck.

This is the best track ever o6 ce 1mf gs,1m7 gs 1n6 gt 1ob gr 1pj go 1r2 gl 1sm gh 1u3 ga 1vi fv 212 fj 22l f6 248 el 25s e3 27g df 296 cp 2ar c3 2ci bc 2e8 ah 2ft 9k 2hi 8l 2j4 7j 2kk 6d 2m1 53 2nd 3o 2oo 2a 2q3 s 2re -n 2sm -2d 2tv -46 2ut -5h 2vs -6t 30q -88 31n -9n 32j -b6 33f -cl 34c -e4 358 -fk 364 -h3 36u -ii 37n -k3 38e -ll 395 -n6 39t -oo 3ak -q9 3bd -rq 3c5 -tb 3ct -us 3dm -10c 3ef -11t 3f8 -13e,3sd -13o 46i -ik,4fl -qa 51h -4j,58p 6v 58f m5,5bj 7c 5jq m0,50a 3l 5bp 7p,1d -u 15 -13,60 -3c -1i -1i,-d2 -18 -3c 1s,5k -a3 68 -32,-3d 1r o5 CD,629 ba 73h vn,6lg 11h 7dc 1ig,5gu gi 5u2 8l,5e1 eh 5q1 dj,5cv d4 5qe cv,5bs cg 5ro ca,5ci cb 5tt ck,5j0 -al 6ik -7j 6ip -7l,5fc -15q 5f3 -16v,67v -8b 683 -8e,67v -8g 68n 6c,n1 hb n7 hc,-9q -6 -9f -11 -8m -1p -7t -2e -70 -30 -62 -3e -51 -3m -3r -40,-3q -40 -4n -3r -5j -3g -6c -32 -71 -2h -7h -1s -7r -15 -7r -e -7e 7 -6u l,-1g -1g -n -1m 2 -23 q -2m 1k -3e,1g -3c 1h -42 q -4s 1 -5d -13 -5s -24 -67 -37 -6d,-3q -42 -32 -3v,-1a -1i -21 -1e -2r -1f 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1i,4ck -26 4eg -u 4ck 0 4e6 1i#T 83b 1i7,T 83t 1i8,T 84c 1id,T 84g 1id,T 84o 1if,T 856 1ik,T 85d 1il,T 85p 1im,T 868 1io,T 86e 1ip,T 86p 1io,T 875 1in,T 879 1in,T 87m 1ih,T 887 1ii,T 88e 1ii,T 88m 1ig,T 889 1ih,T 893 1i7,T 899 1i8,T 89n 1i8,T 8a6 1i1,T 8al 1hp,T 8b0 1hj,T 8bc 1hk,T 8bp 1he,T 8c7 1h9,T 8cj 1h2,T 8cs 1gn,T 8da 1gf,T 8dd 1g4,T 8dd 1ft,T 8df 1fc,T 8db 1ev,T 8d9 1ep,T 8d1 1em,T 8cr 1eg,T 8cl 1e7,T 8c8 1e4,T 8c2 1e1,T 8bm 1dp,T 8bg 1dm,T 8ba 1dk,T 8ar 1d8,T 8aj 1d7,T 8ac 1d7,T 8a9 1d5,T 8a1 1d4,T 89q 1d0,T 89i 1cs,T 89c 1ct,T 891 1ct,T 895 1cm,T 890 1cf,T 88l 1cj,T 88p 1ct,T 88o 1cr,T 883 1cs,T 87b 1cs,T 87h 1cp,T 87o 1cs,T 88c 1cm,T 88d 1ca,T 88g 1ce,T 887 1cp,T 887 1ci,T 884 1cd,T 87t 1c7,T 87v 1cm,T 87v 1cn,T 87l 1cn,T 871 1cm,T 87d 1cd,T 876 1c6,T 86v 1c6,T 867 1c1,T 87f 1ch,T 87t 1ck,T 87t 1ck,T 86c 1cn,T 86n 1c8,T 86q 1cj,T 87k 1cb,T 87i 1c8,T 87e 1cb,T 86s 1cg,T 86h 1c7,T 867 1ca,T 865 1ci,T 866 1cf,T 863 1c8,T 85p 1cb,T 85q 1ci,T 85s 1c2,T 85q 1c0,T 85i 1c8,T 85g 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1dm,T 7jc 1dg,T 7j3 1dp,T 7j4 1dv,T 7jb 1e3,T 7jn 1du,T 7k7 1dn,T 7ko 1dl,T 7kq 1dp,T 7kl 1e0,T 7jq 1e5,T 7k3 1du,T 7ke 1do,T 7kl 1du,T 7kc 1e1,T 7k7 1e2,T 7jf 1e3,T 7j5 1eb,T 7j9 1eh,T 7je 1em,T 7ji 1eo,T 7js 1en,T 7k0 1em,T 7k7 1em,T 7k9 1eh,T 7kg 1ea,T 7ko 1ea,T 7uc 1hf,T 7ts 1h8,T 7tq 1h8,T 7th 1h8,T 7t5 1h7,T 7ss 1h5,T 7sn 1h1,T 7se 1gt,T 7sb 1gu,T 7rm 1gr,T 7rf 1gr,T 7r6 1gm,T 7qr 1gk,T 7qk 1gk,T 7qa 1gf,T 7q3 1ga,B 14b dg 2q,B 13h df 2u,B 12m df 2q,B 14u dl 8g,B 14v dl 8e,B 14d dk 3c,B 13s di 30,B 13r di 5k,B 12a dg 2s,B 11r dg 2q,B 101 da 2c,B vb da 2q,B ui d6 33,B tu d0 38,B 11c df 2q,B 10o df 2q,B 104 df 2q,B tp cn 39,B t7 ck 3a,B sl ck 2q,B rs ck 2q,B p9 CD 2u,B oh c7 3s,B nl bt 38,B mq ba 4a,B m8 b7 2q,B kr aj 3p,B jb a4 3e,B is a1 37,B hs 9d 41,B gr 8q 3b,B gi 8k 3v,B g7 8i 32,B fu 8d 47,B f4 88 35,B eb 85 32,B do 7s 3c,B di 7r 3l,B d4 7k 3l,B cb 78 3j,B bu 75 3c,B bi 70 3a,B ar 6m 3g,B 1f3 f6 9g,B 1dp et 35,B 1cu ej 3f,B 1c5 eg 2u,B 1aj ee 2q,B 19s e4 3l,B 193 dq 3g,B 18h 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