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Q: How much do you need to weight not to use a booster seat?
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Does a sixth grader need a booster seat for car?

The child's size is the factor here. If the seatbelt comes across their body like it does for you, then they do not need a booster seat. Sometimes, the child's weight is a factor, too. They should be at least 90 pounds in weight before they are allowed out of the booster seat.

Weight to seat in booster seat?

the weight to sit in a booster seat is...40 pounds AND the age of 4 years, BUT preferably the child is longer.

Do 8 year olds have to sit in a booster?

It depends, as they need to fit the weight and height requirements specified in your vehicle manual, to sit in a seat unassisted. Unless there is a local bylaw requiring people of a certain age, height or weight either to sit in a booster seat, or not in a booster seat.

Until what age should a child use a car seat booster?

The age that a child should use a car seat booster is when they are 2 years of age. Some kids need to use them a little bit earlier because weight and height has an effect on how earlier the kids need to use the booster seat.

How tall does my child need to be to go from a child car seat to a booster seat?

I heard it was supposed to be by weight, not by height, but what do i know.....when they outgrow the carseat

How much do you have to weigh to not sit in a booster seat?

sixty pounds to not sit in a booster seat

Does an 8 year old need a booster seat?

At the age of 8, children can sit in the back seat without a booster seat. They do need to have a seat belt; however, and not be in the front. They need to be securely fastened as well.

What age does your child need to be in order to not a need a car seat?

4 The answer is NOT based on age but on the height and weight of your child. If your child is over 40lbs he/she can transition to a booster seat with lap/ shoulder restraint.

What is the weight and height limit to use a booster seat in Minnesota?


What weight do you have to be to leave a booster seat?

The AAP instructs to go by height, not weight now (2010) -- a minimum height for a child's no longer needing a booster seat is four feet, nine inches. 4'9."

When does a child not need a booster seat in the car?


Weight of a child in a booster seat?

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