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If your gold is 24 karat -- i.e., pure gold, three grams weighs 0.105821 ounces and today's spot gold price per ounce is US$1,520, you can do the math and figure out how much your gold is worth.

If, however, your gold is a different karat purity, such as 9, 10, 14, or 18, 22 karat, you'll need to factor in how much gold you really have and price it accordingly.

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Q: How much does 3 grams of gold worth?
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How much is 3 grams of 14k gold worth?


How much is 3 grams of 14 karat gold necklace?

According to the current value of gold, 3 grams of a 14K gold necklace is worth $68.36. Keep in mind that the price of gold changes daily.

How much is 3 grams of gold worth?

depends on the karats, either 60 or 105 bucks

What is 6 grams of gold is equal to?

3 kg of gold is worth $236.000

How much is 31.255 grams of gold worth?

At the end of trading on the NYSE, 3-28-2012, Gold closed at $1,662.10 per oune. There are 28.3495 grams per ounce. This equates to a gram of gold valued at $58.62886 and 31.255 grams totaling $1,832.45 at market price.

What is 23 grams of gold worth?

As of August 3, 2014 the worth of 23 grams of 24k gold is 955. 98. The current price for one troy ounce of gold is 1292. 80.

How much money for 3 grams of gold?

3 gram

How much is 3 grams of 14k white gold?

about $75 USD scrap gold

How much is a gram of 10k gold worth?

As of 3/2/11 Gold sells for about $1450 per troy ounce. There are 31.1034768 grams in a troy ounce, and 10K gold is 5/12 (41%) pure. Get out your calculator and take it from there.

How much is a iPad 2 with gold and silver on it?

3 grams

What are three grams of gold worth in dollars?

Gold today is $1,122 per ounce There are 31 grams in an ounce 3 grams is worth $128.26 In the future go to the site at the Related Links section below to use the gold calculator provided for up to date valuations on all quantities of gold.

How much is 3.3 grams of 14kt gold?

The value of 14 karat gold is $24. 27 per gram. The value of 3. 3 grams of 14 karat gold is $80. 10. Although 3. 3 grams of 14 karat gold should cost only $80 most jewelry stores will sky rocket the prices.

10 karate solid gold thimble weighs 3 grams what is it worth?

1 million dollors

What is 30 grams of gold worth?

30 grams of 24k is worth about $1,100 to $1,300. i had my 30 grams of 24k necklace appraised at 3 different jewelry stores in san Diego ca. that's the prices they gave me if i wanted to sell it. i kept it.

What is 16 grams of 14k worth in us dollars?

14K is 58% gold. So 16 x .58 = 9.3 grams. That's about 1/3 of an ounce of gold . Gold is currently about $900 per oz, so you have a value of approximately $300.

How much is 3 ounces of gold worth?

The worth of gold is only determined by the karats and the ounce, so to determine the worth of gold you would not only have to know the amount of gold but also the karat

How many grams is equal to 3 dwt of gold?

3dwt of gold is 4.67 grams.

How much is an 1856 3 dollar gold coin worth?

About $3.00

How much is 3 grams of platinum worth?

Today, 30.04.2012: approx. 150 US $.

How much is 100kg of gold worh?

As of January 3, 2014, 100 kg of gold would be worth $3,978,976.

How much money is 3 oz of gold worth?

around $5,000 dollars

How much is an ounce of 24 karot gold worth?

about $1,130 and i gots 3 ounces of 24 karot gold baby

How many onces in 3 grams of gold?

There are 28 grams in an ounce.

How many grams of gold is in 3 dwt?

3dwt is 4.67 grams.

How much are Olympic medals worth?

bronze $3 silver $264 gold $468