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the compute tomography machine costs depends upon the technology systems

siemens ------------------200000 usd approx

toshiba -------------------180000 usd approx

beckam coulter------------250000 usd approx

sharp------------------------200000 usd approx

ge----------------------------300000 usd approx

phillips ----------------------140000 usd approx

Plus software and technician time. We just got a new siemens definition and its costing 450k (minus software upgrades) so that 200k is really low ball.

There is also the cost of the Tomography room where the unit sits in. It consists of specialty HVAC system that provide perfect humidity and temp.control. Also specail independent electrical circuits to power the equipment, and RAM (radio absorbent)materials for the walls. The cost of a CT room can varry from $250,000- $750,000.

beckam coulter and Sharp manufacture CT machine? is it something wrong?

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How much cost CT scan on Hart

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Q: How much does CT Scan machine cost?
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