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How much does David Beckham get paid?


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£450,000 a week, which is too much.


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David Beckham gets paid £490,000 a week! Basiclly he gets almost a million pounds in a fortnight!!!

he used to have a $250 million deal

How much did David Beckham get in Madrid

Nothing, he does not play for AC Milan.

first is david beckham then Ronaldinho then is Lionel MessiDavid Beckham in 2015 its steven gerrard

Robinho gets paid £160,000 a week and Kaka gets paid £145,000 a week. David Beckham gets £200,000 a week! Not that he deserves that much!!!

It is christiano Ronaldo and David Beckham.

david beckham wieghs 11 st 13

Beckham is the top paid player in the world he get like $500,000,000 in a year.

I think that David Beckham is the highest footballer paid in the world.

Its David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. This is in 2009.

Over paid, was talented weird!

Cristiano ronaldo and i believe david beckham

David Beckham or ronaldo probably

I read he had signed a 5 year contract with L.A. Galaxy for $250 million.

David Beckham from the Los Angeles Galaxy is paid over 52 million

David Beckham has made his money from both football as well as from endorsments.

David Beckham is a good soccer player but not better is not better then Yura Movsisyan

Yes, David Beckham married Victoria Beckham.

David Beckham La galaxy £24.1 million

David Beckham, Ben Gates, Paul Macartny

Lionell Messi ahead of David Beckham in second.

David Beckham then C. Ronaldo, then Lionel Messi.

Lynne Beckham is 39 so she is 2 years older.

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