How much does Free Realms cost?

Updated: 10/5/2023
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$4.99 for a monthly and $34.99 for lifetime. You can look up the prices by doing this:

Log into Free realms and go to you profile. Click on Membership or Upgrade and it will give you all of the prices :)

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Free realms cost 0.
They are free.

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Q: How much does Free Realms cost?
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How much does a black-spore house cost in Free Realms?

About 800sc.

How much do skinny jeans cost on Free Realms?

When you buy them in the Coin Shop they cost 270 coins.

Is Free Realms all the way free?

no you have to pay for membership, but it doesn't cost much. At least it costs less that wizard 101.

How do you update Free Realms?

You Dont Update Free Realms Aslong As You Log Into Free Realms Free Realms Updates Itself

How do you get a free ride on free realms?

They aren't free but you can get them from the Station Cash store. They cost from a range from 300 - maybe 500? And considering that station cash cost REAL MONEY, rides aren't really worth getting. Lol.~Skylette From Free Realms

Do you get a bike for free in free realms?

You don't get a bike for free. You have to buy it. For non-members it cost 550 SC and for members it cost 495 SC

When did Free Realms happen?

Free Realms happened in 2009.

What do hedgehogs eat in free realms?

There are no hedgehogs in Free Realms...

What is free realms insider?

free realms insiders (FRI) is a forum fansite run by a few players of free realms.

How do you explore Free Realms?

You explore Free Realms by moving your character with the arrow keys around. You can click on the map in the top right corner and go to different places and exlore and do what ever you want (pretty much). ~Epic Kaleigh on Free Realms

When was Free Realms launched?

Free realms was launched in 2010 on the mac.

When will druid come out in Free Realms?

it has already came out on free realms