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At least $60.00 because they just put money into when you bought it.

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About 60-70 bucks but it depends on what you want it on like a computer, xbox360, ps3, etc.

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Q: How much does Guitar Hero 3 legends of rock cost?
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How much does Guitar Hero 3 Legends Of Rock usually cost to buy?

Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock, is cheaper than when it first was released. Currently you can buy the game by itself, for around $20-$30. But if you want to purchase it with a guitar controller too, it can cost upwards of $100.

How much is guitar hero 5 going to cost?

Guitar Hero 5 is going to cost $59.99.

How much does hero 3 cost?

If you mean Guitar hero 3, Cost me £25 for the solo with the guitar its around £50

How much does it cost to get a Guitar Hero for PS2?

Guitar hero 1 ranges from $20.00-$52.00 at 14 stores.

How much will how much will guitar hero 4 cost with mic drums and guitar cost for x box 360?


How much does Guitar Hero on tour cost?

about £20 - £30

How much is the cost of Guitar Hero metallica?

$45 to $50

How much does guitar hero cost for ds?

about $50 at walmart

How much will guitar hero 4 cost on wii without the drums guitar and microphone?


How much will Guitar Hero 4 cost with the drums guitar and mic for the Wii?

About $180 to $190

How much does a Guitar Hero bass cost?

about 20 dollars

How much do guitars for Guitar Hero for wii cost?

75 bucks