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Typically around $20 at a Murdochs.

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2013-07-21 22:53:23
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Q: How much does Strategy horse feed cost?
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How much does it cost to feed a horse during winter if its in a pasture?

If a horse is exclusively on pasture only, then the cost to feed it is the cost of the land and its maintenance.

How much does it cost to feed a horse per month?

Well, it depends on what type of feed you feed him/her.

How much does horse feed usually cost?

Some bags of feed can range from $20.00-50.00

How much does a bag of horse feed cost?

Well price varies by brand and bag size but in the USA a typical bag of horse feed will cost between $10 -$18.

How much does it cost to feed a horse a month?

it costs around $800 depends

How much does it cost monthly to feed a horse?

Itall deoends how much you feed your horse. I feed my horse twice a day and he gets half a scoop of pasture mix, half a scoop of honeychop and half a scoop of sugarbeet and this costs me £20 a month

How much does it cost to feed a horse per day?

The amount of money it costs to feed a horse per day will vary according to the weight of the horse, the activity level of the horse, the type of feed being given, your location, and the local economy. To figure out daily costs you should figure up how much food the horse will get every day for one year then add up the yearly expense and divide it by 365, this will give you the daily cost to feed your horse.

How much does it cost to feed a stock horse?

Stock horse is a type and not really a breed, therefore the cost to feed one would depend on several factors, these include: Weight, activity level, age, time of year, and local feed prices.

How much will it cost to feed a horse?

If you have a horse/pony feed bags can range from $20-$60 although most just are about $40. Hay can be about $5 a bale. That depends on how much feed it needs and what type of feed you give it. The amount and type of feed depends on the size and weight of the horse as well as how often and hard it's worked.

How much did serfs pay for horse feed in the middle ages?

I feel there are two questions here:Serfs could never ever afford a horse in the middle ages.The cost of feed: The cost of feed was immaterial as to own a horse you had to be rich enough that others were paying you tax and how they paid was farm products mostly.

How much money does a horse owner make per year?

nothing they cost you a lot of money to feed and keep

How much does it cost per month to have a horse?

It depends on what kind of feed you get, what kind of horse it is, how much you have to pay your ferrier, and how much space the stable and paddock takes up. Probably around 10

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