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It depend on if it is a special attack, normal, or a trap.

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How much money does a bakugan card cost?

5 dollars with matching bakugan

How much money does bakugan cost?

a bakugan cost 1000000 dollars just kidding about 4 or 3 dollars

How much do spin Bakugan cost?

its like a normal bakugan so regular price

Which is better nanovor or Bakugan?

Bakugan because they don't cost as much!! they last longer!!

How much does a bakugan starter pack cost?


How much does a Bakugan Dharak cost?

evil twin pack cost 9.99

How much does a bakugan booster pack cost?


At what cost you will Bakugan?

Bakugan Sucks Balls.

How much would bakugan gauntlet cost? says its $25.00

How much does bakugan cost?

It depends on if it is normal, special attack, or a trap

How much does Bakugan battle gear cost?


How much money does a bakugan battle arena cost?

They are around $25 depending on where you go.

How much does bakugan cost in nz?

$20 in warehouse and K-mart is $15 on sale

How much Bakugan come in a Bakugan mega battle pack?

there are 6 bakugan in the bakugan mega battle pack

How much will the Bakugan Battle Brawlers video game cost?

It is 30-4o depending it is like 10 or 40£

How much does a bakugan evil twin pack cost?

it depends on where you shop. i think they might have them at toys r us.

How much Bakugan are there?

6 types and over 600 species of bakugan

My child is turning 12 in a couple of weeks and wants to have a bakugan tournament for his party. All I know about Bakkugans is where to buy them and how much they cost. How would I throw a party?

Get bakugan mats. that is what you would battle on. a few bakugan magnetic cards and some bakugan guns. they roll the little bakugan out of it onto the mat. set it up on the floor and let them battle.

How much would you think a clear Aquamos Bakugan cost?

At a store, six bucks. Online, no more than $15.

Can you play bakugan online? Not only can you brawl other users, but you can chat about your favorite Bakugan, trade, and much much more! A new, up and coming bakugan site.

Can you get a one-head hydronoid Bakugan?

yes you can specially in Pakistan if you go there they will be selling all kinds of bakugan that you want and it will only cost 1 rps. a bakugan.

How do you get Bronze Warius in Bakugan on ds?

At the screen where it asked your name, if you put in 44982493 it will say "New Bronze Bakugan At Store". The bakugan is only pyrus and it's cost is zero bp. Enjoy your new cool bakugan.

Why does a special attack heavy metal bakugan cost more?

maybe because it is more special or the metal is like a fashion to the bakugan

How much do bakuguns cost in the UK?

around £5.99 it used to be £4.99 how do i know simple ive got more than 60 bakugan

How much is the rarest bakugan?

the rarest bakugan is gold fear ripper it goes for $119.00 on eBay

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