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Nickels dated 2000 and later weigh 3.95 grams. Earlier nickels weigh 4.54 to 4.6 gm depending on their composition.

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Q: How much does a Canadian nickel weigh?
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How much does 25 cents Canadian weigh?

Canadian quarters from 1999 and earlier were made of pure nickel and weighed about 5 grams;quarters from 2000 to present are steel with nickel plating, and weigh 4.4 grams.

How much does a box of nickel weigh?

The weight of a box of nickle depends on the mass of the material the box is made of plus how much nickel is inside it. US nickels weigh 5 grams each and Canadian nickels weigh 4.3 grams each.

How much is 1751-1951 canadian nickel worth-like new?

how much does canadian nickel 1751-1951 is worth

How many grains does a nickel weigh?

A US nickel weighs 77.1617918 grains (5 grams), and a Canadian nickel weighs 66.3591409 grains (4.3 grams)

How much does a nickel weigh?

A US nickel weighs 5.0 gramsA Canadian nickel's weight depends on its date:2000-present: 3.95 gm1922-1999: 4.54 to 4.6 gm

How much do a nickel weigh in milligrams?

A US nickel has a weight of 5000mg

How much is 1934 Canadian nickel worth?


How much is Canadian nickel worth?

One-twentieth of a Canadian dollar.

How much is a 1961 Canadian nickel worth?

It's worth 7 cents for the nickel content.

How much is a 1981 Canadian nickel worth?

im not sure but i think it might be worth a nickel

How much does a current nickel weigh in grams?

A U.S. nickel weighs 5 grams

How much is a 1957 Canadian nickel worth?

4 cents.

How much is a 1965 Canadian nickel worth?

About 5 cents...

What is a 1963 Canadian nickel worth?

The 1963 Canadian nickel is worth $0.9. The 1963 Canadian Nickel worth is 100 percent nickel which weighs about 4.54 grams.

Is a Canadian quarter weigh 4.52g?

It shouldn't. Old silver quarters weigh 5.83 grams, nickel quarters weigh 5.05 grams, and modern steel quarters weigh 4.4 grams.

How much silver content in a 1967 Canadian nickel?

None at all. It's made of 99.9% nickel

How much does a nickel usually weigh?

U.S. nickels weigh 5 grams each.

How much does a nickel weigh in grams?

All U.S. nickels weigh 5 grams.

How much is the Canadian nickel in America 2012?

The US and Canadian dollar values are nearly equal right now, so a Canadian nickel is worth 5 cents on either side of the border.

How much does Nickel weigh?

Nickel as a metal has a density of 8.908 grams per cubic cm.

How much does a buffalo head nickel weigh?

5 grams

How much is a silver Canadian 1940 nickel?

There is absolutely no silver in that coin.

How many times bigger is the big nickel compared to a regular Canadian nickel?

the big nickel is about 64,607,747 times the size of a Canadian nickel

How much does a 1942 nickel weigh?

All U.S. nickels weigh 5 grams as issued.

What is the value of a 1981 Canadian nickel?

a Nickel!