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The nominal operating weight is 18 tons.

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Q: How much does a D6 dozer weigh?
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How much does a cat d6 dozer weigh?

The Cat D6 has an operating weight of 18 tons (36,000 lbs).

How much does a d6 weigh with a cable blade?

its weighs around 23 to 24 thousand pounds/d6 c models later weighed around 35k cable blade dozer will fool you on weight

How much does a cat d4 dozer weigh?


How much does d3 dozer weigh?

Heavy enough

How much does a D3 caterpillar dozer weigh?

15k pounds

How much does a cat d9 dozer weigh?

49 tonnes

How much does a TD 18 dozer weigh?

36,000 pounds

How much does a cat d5h dozer weigh?

38,000 pounds

How much does a case 1150c dozer weigh?

26,000 pounds

How much does a cat d5 dozer weigh?

My 1972 96J D5 weighs 13 tons, or 26,000 lb. It's heavier than newer model D5's, since it was a D6 in prior model years.

How much does a Case 450 C dozer weigh?

12,000 lbs

How much does a Massey Ferguson 300 dozer weigh?


How much does a john deere 550 dozer weigh?

33,500 LBS

How much does a cat d6d dozer weigh?

Type your answer here... 20tons

How much does a D3 john deere dozer weigh?

Take a look at

How much does a John Deere 450 G dozer weigh?

15000 lbs

How much does a case 850 d dozer weigh?

about 8 ton if i remember correctly

How much does a 1974 cat D5 dozer weigh and what horse power is it?

6,500 pounds and has 475 horses

How much does a d13 caterpillar dozer weigh?

D11 Cat weighs 230,581 lb (104,589.8 kg)

How much does a d5g lgp cat dozer weigh?

A D5G LGP cat dozer weighs 20,402 lbs. The height is 9ft. It has a ground clearance of 1.3ft and has a 90 hp engine

How much does an Massey Ferguson 400 bulldozer weigh?

I have a Ferguson 400 dozer with the ripers the weight is 27000 pounds

How much does a cat d8 dozer weigh?

Operating weight of a D8 depending on attachments etc range from 79,800 and up

What is a caterpillar d6t lpg dozer?

D6 stand for the size of a cat dozer. The T stands for the model of the tractor. And LGP stands for low ground pressure which intern to most people means a wide track, wide track is better in muddy conditions.

What does a TD20B dozer weigh?

td20b with 11 foot blade and winch 43,000lbs.

How much does a john deere 450b dozer weigh?

just ran mine across scales with about quarter tank fuel and it weighed 13920