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The current price of a DSi is about $145.

However, if you have a DS Lite or DS, then you can trade that in for about $70 to reduce your costs.

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in walmart a dsi cost 149.oo

n walmart in Canada they cost $19.99

acctually i know that the dsi XL will cost $160 something at the mall like the 3ds

i dont know how much it is at game stop but it is $120 at walmart

$22 at Walmart $25 at Gamestop $20 at Target

A Dsi cost $149.99 at Target...

How much it cost for the sd card for your nintendo dsi?

How much money does a Nintendo dsI XL cost

well it costs less of course maybe 100$ less then a unused one

dsi for sale in walmart

$149.99 at walmart but at eBay it may me cheaper or

it comes with the dsi but if you ruin it you can buy one at walmart for 15 dollars

In the USA the Nintedo DSi at Gamestop or Walmart can be about 169.99 plus tax.

$19.98 at Walmart and on (Not including tax) If you bought it used you could probably get it cheaper.

The Nintendo DSi are not sold at Sears

how much does nutmeg cost at walmart?

It doesn't cost anything if you trade your older version for it.

It cost at least 3.00 at walmart!

A Furby cost at Walmart $54.00

It will be 99$ in the USA, the dsi is 175$ plus tax

The price of a dsi xl is $169 canadian

DSI chargers can cost 10$ at game stop