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Q: How much does a Japanese wolf weigh?
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How much does a baby gray wolf weigh?

The Gray wolf is1.24-2.11m in length

Who much do wolf pups weigh?

A pound at birth.

How much did the biggest wolf on record weigh?

175 pounds.

How much did a dire wolf weigh?

A Dire Wolf weighed if it was small 175 as much as the largest grey wolf but they weigh up to 270 because they have more muscles and bigger head strong bite but this also meant it had shorter legs

How much a wolf spider weigh?

Wolf Spiders are not very big, typically less than 1.3 inches in body size. For this reason, they do not weigh very much. On average, the wolf spider weighs less than one ounce.

What is wolf eyes in Japanese?

Wolf eyes is ookami (no) me in Japanese.

What is green wolf in Japanese?

Green wolf is midori ookami in Japanese.

What is Japanese for wolf cub?

The Japanese word for wolf pup is Koinu okami

How do you say blue wolf in Japanese?

Blue wolf is ao ookami in Japanese.

How do you say purple wolf in Japanese?

Purple wolf is murasaki ookami in Japanese.

How do you say ice wolf in Japanese?

Ice wolf is kori ookami in Japanese.

How much do woves weigh?

Woves? But to answer the question, you need to specifie what kind of wolf, the Arabian wolf can be 20 pounds but the grey wolf can be 130 pounds plus.