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It depends on the date.

  • Indian Head pennies dated 1864 to 1909 weigh 3.11 grams.
  • The Lincoln, Wheat Ears Reverse penny weighs 3.11 grams except for steel cents made only in 1943 that weigh 2.67 grams.
  • The Lincoln, Memorial Reverse penny (1959 to mid 1982) weighs 3.11 grams.
  • The Lincoln, Memorial Reverse penny (mid 1982 to present) weighs 2.5 grams.

It's not easy to tell the 1982s apart, so to figure out how many cents weigh a pound (or any other amount) you'd have to decide which date range you wanted to use and eliminate all 1982 coins. A pound is 453.6 gm so just divide that by the weight of the penny date that you decided to use.

See Related Links, below, for a list of all current specifications for other U.S. coins

Read more, below about the various pennies.

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Q: How much does a US penny weigh?
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How much would 1000 penny weigh?

How much would 1000 penny weigh?

How much does a US current penny weigh?

It's mass is 2.5 grams.

How much does a us penny weigh in American standard measurements?

2.5 grams = .088 oz

How much does a hummingbird egg weigh?

As much as a penny.

How much does a copper penny weigh?

Each penny weighs 3.1g

How much does 1 penny weigh in us pounds?

3.11 grams for pennies made from 1959 to 1982

How much does a 2012 penny weigh?

2.5 grams.

How much does a you us penny weigh?

The weight depends on the year, as there was a change in the metal composition in 1982. Pennies minted after that weigh 2.5 grams. Older ones weigh 3.11 grams.

Which is heavier a penny or a feather?

That depends on the feather.A new US Penny will weigh approximately 2.5 grams (metric).An ostrich feather might weigh as much as twice that amount.A feather from a canary won't weigh anywhere near as much.A feather from a goose probably weighs less than a penny.

How much does 1000000 pennies weigh?

They weigh about 1000000 times heavier than a penny

How much does an American copper penny weigh?

2000 Pounds

How much does 50 dollars in penny's weigh?

34 pounds

How much does a one English penny weigh?

about 0.3 oz

How much does a 1982 bronze penny weigh?

3.1 grams

How much does 500 penny's weigh?

Approximately 5 lbs

How many ounces does a us penny weigh?

Today's pennies weigh 2.5 grams. 11.4 of them weigh one ounce.

How much does a penny weigh in grams?

Lincoln cents from 1983 to date weigh 2.5 grams.

How much is a 1984 Canada penny worth in US?

About a penny

How much did penny hardaway weigh in 1993- 1994?

200 lbs

How much does a 2010 penny weigh?

From 1983 to date all Lincoln cents weigh 2.50 grams.

How much does copper penny weigh?

Copper pennies minted before 1982 weigh 3.11 grams.

How much does one billion pennies weigh?

First, you have to tell us WHICH penny. If you mean the new U S penny, a billion of THOSE would weigh 5,511,565 pounds. More or less. Yes, that is over 5 and a half million pounds.

What does an penny weigh?

US Lincoln cents from 1909-1982 weigh 3.11 grams coins from 1983 to date weigh 2.5 grams

How much is a US wheat penny 1873?

There is no 1873 wheat penny. It is an Indian head penny.

How much does a nickel penny dime and quarter weigh together?

15.438 grams.