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How much does a audio engineer make?

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The salary of an audioengineer depends on the country and the experience level of the audio engineer. A beginner usually makes 0-100$ per day, more advanced makes something between 200-5000$ per day.

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How much do Audio Engineers make?

how much do audio engineer make a day or a year

The difference between and audio engineer and an independent audio engineer?

The independent audio engineer would be self employed.

How are sound engineers and audio engineers different?

A sound engineer and an audio engineer are exactly the same; their job can equally be described as either an audio engineer or a sound engineer.

How much money do audio engineers in the music industry earn?

How much an audio engineer makes depends largely on experience and whether he/she is mixing live or in the studio. Its not uncommon for an experienced live engineer to get upwards of $2500/week on the road or have $500 day rates in the studio. One can make a very good living as an engineer.

How many years of school does a audio engineer?

An audio engineer must have 4 years of college

Where can a person find a listing for audio engineer jobs in Toronto?

One can find a listing for audio engineer jobs in Toronto on sites like Craigslist or Indeed. An audio engineer supervises audio technicians and manages projects.

When was Dan Dugan - audio engineer - born?

Dan Dugan - audio engineer - was born on 1943-03-20.

When did Bruce Jackson - audio engineer - die?

Bruce Jackson - audio engineer - died on 2011-01-29.

When was Bruce Jackson - audio engineer - born?

Bruce Jackson - audio engineer - was born on 1949-06-03.

When was Errol Thompson - audio engineer - born?

Errol Thompson - audio engineer - was born on 1948-12-29.

When did Errol Thompson - audio engineer - die?

Errol Thompson - audio engineer - died on 2004-11-13.

How much money does a military engineer?

How much money does a military engineer make on average?

Is being an audio engineer the same as a voice talent?

No, an audio engineer works with equipment for recording music and sound, while a voice talent is the person or individual being recorded. It is possible, however, that a vocal talent could be an audio engineer.

How much does an civil engineer make per year?

average civil engineer make $60000

How much you can make as a engineer?


How much does an engineer make?


What do you call a person who records other people singing?

Audio engineer or sound engineer

What musical skills are required for a audio engineer?


Are there any types of engineers that start with the letter Q?

Quality control engineer. Quadraphonic audio engineer. Quince processing engineer.

How much does a Boeing engineer make?

about 97k

How much does a system engineer make?


How much does an automotive engineer make?


How much does a weapons engineer make?


How much money does an audio engineer earn?

they only make about 16,000 per year but it can vary --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It depends how successful you are. - If you are the in-house engineer at a very expensive studio that you hire out, you can make a lot ($70,000+) - if you are a freelance worker doing the odd pub gig you wont make much ($20,000) - if your running a home studio and hoping for lots of work you wont make much ($20,000) - if your U2's engineer and do all of their mixing all over the world you can make millions. ^these values are estimates only. ^I believe that to be successful you have to work for free for a while

How much a engineer makes a year?

It matter's what type of engineer you are. If you are a mechanical engineer and if you have experience you make around 100,000 and other type of engineers make about the same.