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How much does a beer cost in Copenhagen?

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in a kiosk or supermarket its about 8 dkr. In a bar its about 15 - 50 dkr.

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How much is a case of beer?

A case of beer can cost as little as 8 dollars in a store. Typically, a case of beer will cost about 15 dollars.

Where did tuborg beer originated?

The Tuborg beer originates from Copenhagen, Denmark. It was first brewed in 1875.

How much does a beer cost in turkey?

it cost 1000 dollars fool.

How much does a beer cost in New York?

on average, a beer costs 7 USD.

How much does a liter of beer cost?

In Canada a litre of good beer is approximately $9.50.

What is the procedure of beer shop license?

how much is the total cost of beer licence in mumbai

How much does a keg of beer cost in PA?

A keg of beer costs around $350 in Pennsylvania.

How much was a pint of beer in 1974?

Cost of pint of beer in 1974

How much did a beer cost in 1977?

In 1977, a six pack of beer cost about 1.50 dollars. A case of 24 beers cost approximately 5.50 to 6 dollars.

How much does a beer cost in your town?

no one buys it we steal it

How much does a roundtrip ticket to Copenhagen cost?

It depends on what class being flown, and from where you are flying. It is considerably more to fly to Copenhagen from Sydney Australia than from London for example.

Who is the owner of carlsberg beer?

It's a public company on the Copenhagen stock exchange.

How much does a case of Budweiser bottle beer cost?


How much does a 40 ounce beer cost?

In western Canada , about $9.00

How much does it cost for a beer in the US?

Around 200 dollars in California.

How much will a taxi cost from Denmark Copenhagen Airport to Denmark Copenhagen Port?

It depends on the distance between the airport and the port. So I will advise you to ask that question first, here on wikianswers.

How much is a beer cost in Mexico?

a quarter. No more than one single dollar for a beer at a bar (unless you are in an Americanized town). Expect to pay change for a beer.

How much does beer cost in Australia?

24 cans of VB costs about $A40.00

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