How much does a coat cost?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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A arm and a leg

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Q: How much does a coat cost?
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How much did a woman's winter coat cost in the 1930s?

It was about $28.00 for a woman's winter coat.

How much would a coat cost if it is marked down 15 percent from its original price of 60?

the coat will cost you 51 ( dollars/ pounds)

How much do converse cost at Burlington coat factory?


How much does a 2011 Ford Mustang gt coat?

It depends on the cost of the the 2011 mustang GT cost about $45,000

How much does chinchillas usually cost in pet stores?

chinchillas cost around $100. Though it matters where you buy it, and wat there coat color is.

How much did it coat to built the Eiffel town?

Cost of construction: 7.8 million francs ($1.5 million)

How much does a cherry coat rack usually go for on eBay?

Coat racks can cost anywhere from the upper twenty dollar range to the low sixty dollar range on eBay. It all depends on what coat rack you are getting.

Bob has saved 9 dollars for a new coat that is 10 pecent as much as he needs how much does the coat cost?

Very easy just go step by step.10%=$9100%= $(9/10 x 100)= $90

How much did a women's coat cost during the great depression?

That would depend upon the type of coat and whether it was an everyday article of clothing or something worn for special occasions. Women's dresses were $5/$8 and men's suits were about $30. A coat would cost from $5/45, depending upon year and style.

How much do Michael Kors coats typically cost?

Michael Kors coats can cost as much as 80 dollars to 300 dollars. It all depends on the style and material of the coat. It also depends on where you buy it from.

What did Howard Wood do for Ro?

I hate this pace 💀

What is the cost to paint 2000 square feet of cement block one coat block filler and one coat finish?