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How much does a cubic foot of water cost?

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It depends on your vendor/supplier/utility.

In the suburbs of Portland, Oregon I am paying $0.0101 per cubic foot.

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In the Birmingham area it's about $2.94 per cubic foot, and sewage is about $7.40 per cubic foot

at $2.15 a gallon, one cubic foot is $0.0591

1 cubic foot of water equates to 7.48 US gallons.

A cubic foot of what? A cubic foot of feathers is much less than a cubic foot of lead. A cubic foot of water weighs 62.4 lbs per cubic foot. Portland cement weighs 94 lbs per cubic foot.

One cubic foot equates to about 28.32 liters.

A foot of water has a cubic mass of 62.4 pounds per foot

One cubic foot can contain up to 28.32 liters of water.

1 cubic foot is 6.2 (6.22883) Imperial gallons.

1 cubic foot = 28,316 85 liters or ca. 28,3 kg of water.

One cubic footcubic feet per second

One cubic foot of water weighs about 62.4 pounds.

1 cubic foot of water equates to about 7.5 US gallons.

57.41 lbs. Ice is 92% the density of water and water weighs 62.4 lbs per cubic foot. One cubic foot of water is 7.48 US gallons. George

I am a chemist and I have been studying helium and I am glad to help you by telling you that it is $3.690486 per cubic foot.

Weight: 62.416 pounds per cubic foot at 32°F

Depends on the type of sand

One cudic foot of water weighs 62.5 lbs.

the denisty of water is 1000 kilograms per cubic meter. since there are 0.3048 meters in every foot, and roughly .454 kilograms in every pound the conversion works out to 62.42796 pounds of water per every cubic foot so for 1 cubic foot of water there is 62.43 pounds.

One cubic foot is a measure of volume. A one cubic meter container could hold up about 264 gallons of water.

It depends on the cost of a gallon of water in your area. However, there are 264.2 gallons in one cubic meter.

There are 231 cubic inches in 1 gallon. There are 12*12*12 = 1728 cubic inches in 1 cubic foot. 1728/231 = 7.481 gallons per cubic foot.

That's the same as saying one cubic foot of water, and it weighs 7.481 pounds. Wrong. 7.5 gals of water in a cubic foot weighing 62.4 pounds.

1 milliliter is the answer you want though you asked the question in a confusing way, if you have a cubic foot of water a cubic inch of that water is 1 milliliter, assuming that's what you were asking

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