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FedEx do not have Airbus A320 in their fleet. A320 do not have a "freighter" version either.

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Q: How much does a fedex A320 pilot make per hour?
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How much does a FedEx dock worker make per hour?

At fedex freight i started out at $15.56 an hour and after 1 year I am making $17.84 an hour at the des plaines, IL location

Difference between airbus a320-200 and a320-300?

Airbus do not make an A320-300.

How much money does a Fedex driver earn?

According to Glassdoor, FedEx couriers make $15-$25 per hour.

How much do local fedex truck drivers make an hour?

I used to drive for fedex before I was let go for hitting a tree branch and my top rate in syracuse ny was 23.33 an hour terminal manager sucks very strict

How much does a fedex kinko's employee make?

I'am a fedexKINKOs Now FedexOffice employee my $/hour rate is $11.72

How much do fedex express drivers make?

An express driver normally gets paid by the hour. Here in Oklahoma they average $14-$18 an hour so about $36,000 a year.

How do you ship something from fedex?

To ship something with FedEx, you can use to make a shipping label. Also, you can take it to many FedEx locations and they can make a label for you. Another option is to call 1-800-GO-FEDEX.

Does fedex deliver on Christmas Eve?

FedEx Ground and Home Delivery make deliveries on Christmas Eve.

Is FedEx related to US Post Office?

No. FedEx and the US Post Office are not related, however, FedEx offers a service called FedEx SmartPost, which is an agreement between FedEx and the USPS, where FedEx moves the parcels from point A to B and then the packages are handed back over to the USPS, who will then make the delivery on parcel.

What does an Assistant Manager for FedEx Kinko's make?


Does fedex ship on Memorial Day?

No. Memorial Day is one of the six holidays that fedex does observe, and they make no deliveries or pickups.

How much does a fedex senior manager make?

80,000 - 105,000

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