How much does a grain of rice weigh?

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Rice grains vary widely. Most grains weigh 20-30 mg, although experimental breeding has produced them as large as 78 mg.
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How many grains of rice in a cup?

I'm addicted to and just had to know the answer to this. I measured out Uncle Ben's brown rice grains on a gram scale and repeatedly got 50-60 grains of rice per gram. On the package, 47g is 1/4 cup, so there are 188g of Uncle Ben's in a cup. Multiply 188g times 55 grains and you get 10 ( Full Answer )

Is basmati rice a whole-grain rice?

Basmati is an aromatic variety of rice. Whether it is brown or white depends on how it is processed. All rice, and all grains for that matter, are born with their grains intact. Intact grains are called "brown" when referring to rice, or "whole" when referring to other grains. There is a processin ( Full Answer )

What is the mass of one grain of rice?

The mass for one grain of rice can vary based on the type of rice.The average mass for a grain of white long-grain rice is 25mg.

How much does a cup of rice weigh?

Answer . A cup of rice weighs between 6oz to 7oz depending on the type of rice length of grain etc.. (The previous answer stated: "A cup of rice weighs one cup. A cup is a unit of measurement." Cup is a unit of VOLUME measurement not weight.)

How much does a grain of rice cost?

Our class found there were 3750 grains of rice in 1/4 cup, and 75,000 grains of rice in a 2 lb bag. We divide $2 by 75,000 and found that one grain of white rice cost $.000027. Hard to believe anything could be that cheap!. The accepted number is 29,000 per pound (16 oz) . Answer . ahhm....i k ( Full Answer )

Does rice grow from rice grains?

Answer Yes, the grain pretty much is the seed. When you buy it, the grainis all dried up, so all you can do is cook it. Actually the endosperm is protected in the outer shell or seedcoatof rice. But if the seedcoat is removed,the endosperm becomeinactive. So we can't grow paddy from rice grain that ( Full Answer )

How much does a grain weigh?

Assuming you mean the obsolete mass unit rather than a grass seed. one grain is 64.799 milligrams.

How heavy is a grain of rice?

There are many different types of rice originating from all overthe world but on the average, a single grain of rice weighsapproximately 0.30 grams.

How many grains of rice are in a bushel?

1,305,000 grains per bushel Figure comes from 45 pounds of rice per bushel: 29,000 grains of rice per pound This only works with long grain rice

How many grains of rice are a meal?

a lot. About 7,200 grains are in a cup so it depends on how much rice you want. If you want a cup of rice, there would be about 7,000 grains for one plate of rice.

How much does Stephanie rice weigh?

It says on the Internet on Wikipedia that she weighs 150 pounds. I'm not sure, because on Wikipedia people can change the answer.

Is jasmine rice a whole grain rice?

Every rice starts it's life as a whole grain. But if you want to use only whole grain foods, you need to find whole grain Jasmine rice. Most of what is sold is polished (or white) Jasmine. You would probably find it in specialty organic or whole food supermarkets. If it says 'polished' then it's whi ( Full Answer )

What glands are the size of a grain of rice?

Parathyroid glands. The four parathyroid glands, each of which is about the size of a grain of rice, are embedded in the posterior surface of the thyroid gland.

How much is 7200 grains of rice worth?

It's worth 3 times as much as 2400 grains of rice, which is worth 24 times as much as 100 grains of rice, which is worth $1 if that's how much you pay for it.

How much does 18446744073709600000 grains of rice weight?

1 grain = 0.02 grams 18.446.744.073.709.600.000 grains = 368.934.881.474.192.000 gr or 368.934.881.474.192 Kilos or 368.934.881.474 Tons or 368.934.881 Trillon Tons Comparisons: ...Earth weights (+/-) 6.000 Trillon Tons, then you´d need something like 61.489 to equal the weight ...Gold in ( Full Answer )

How much does a fully loaded grain truck weigh?

Feed truck... Mine is a western star tractor and a tandom axel trailer with a belly auger and stinger 8 bins holding 3 metric tonne feed each. Truck empty is 16 tonne. This makes for a truck that can be over 90,000lbs!

How much is dose one grain weigh?

pretty much it 65 milligrams to a grain or to be a bit more precise it's 64.79891 mg to a grain D. Chaney (CPhT)

What is the density of one grain of rice?

1.1368804gcm -1 when one grain equals 25mg. otherwise it's the mass of the grain divided by the volume of the grain. mass/volume=density

How much does one cup of uncooked rice weigh?

The weight of rice can depend on the specific type of rice grain.For example, a cup of uncooked long-grain white rice can weighabout 150 grams, and a cup of raw long-grain brown rice can weigh165 grams.

How many grains of rice are in a box?

It depends on the box. It could be anywhere from 0 grains if the box is empty to a billion grains if it's a huge box! Next time you find a box of rice, count how many grains there are! :D

Is brown rice a whole grain?

Brown rice is considered to be a whole grain. It hasn't gonethrough an intensive milling process like the various kinds ofwhite rice do. The only processing which brown rice goes through isto have the outermost hull, which is inedible, removed.

How much does 2000 grains of rice weigh?

A single grain of rice weights approximately .028 grams. 2000grains of rice weighs 56 grams. Since one pound is equal to 453.6grams, 2000 grains of rice is equal to .12 pounds.

How much does a neutron star as small as a grain of sand weigh?

A neutron star can't be as small as a grain of sand - it would not have enough mass, hence, not enough gravity, to keep being a neutron star. Also, it is not appropriate to talk about the WEIGHT of a star. A neutron star has a MASS of millions of tons for every cubic centimeter. This densit ( Full Answer )

How much does a bushel of milled rice weigh?

Approximately 57lbs. I used extra long grain enriched white rice from my cabinet. I get 57.25 lbs +/- 10% for margin of error. Here is how I got 57.25: I tare-weighed only 4 cups of rice in a measuring cup on my electronic scale: 1lb+(12+5/8)oz = 28.625oz. So that's 2 pints or 1 quart of ric ( Full Answer )

What weight 3500 grains of rice?

A weight of 3500 grains of rice is approx. 2.224 Newtons. A mass of 3500 grains is approx. 226.8 grams.

Does rice weevils develop from rice grains?

YES! An adult female weevil will bore a hole in the rice grain, lay an egg inside and seal it. The egg will hatch and moult in the grain. When it becomes a weevil, it will emerge from the grain

How much does a rice plant weigh?

Rice is the seed of the monocot plants Oryza sativa or Oryza glaberrima . As a cereal grain, it is the most important staple food for a large part of the world's human population, especially in East and South Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and the West Indies. It is the grain with the sec ( Full Answer )

What is medium grain rice?

Rice is classified mostly by the size of the grain. Long-grain rice is long and slender. The grains stay separate and fluffy after cooking, so this is the best choice if you want to serve rice as a side dish, or as a bed for sauces. Medium-grain rice is shorter and plumper, and works well in paell ( Full Answer )

How many grains of rice is in 10ml?

Rice isn't the best of things to measure by the mil (since mils are usually reserved for liquid measurements). Grain size varies a lot between rice types and within rice types (Arborio rice is much wider but shorter than long grain rice). An approximation would be around 50-60 grains in 10 ml, but y ( Full Answer )

Is rice a seed or grain?

its a grain, hence a grain of rice. mind you all grains are also seeds.

How much does a liter of grain weigh in pounds?

Since pounds and liters are two different types of measurements theAnswers community requested more information for this question.Please edit your question to include more context or detail.

Is red rice a whole grain rice?

No only whole grain rice is whole grain so stop asking a computer website questions and start looking for information yourself

How much will a 25g serving of rice weigh when it is cooked?

Dry rice absorbs approximately twice its own weight in water as it is cooked so you can expect a 25 gram service of rice to become a 75 gram portion once cooked, depending on the type of rice and how long it is cooked.

How do you write on a grain of rice?

Writing on rice, may sound hard and impossible, but actully you can. Really, so this is how to write on rice. You need long grain rice. You can use Vietnamese long rice, but don't use Taiwan short rice. You need a fine tip pen. Stick the grain of rice an a piece of clay. Using the ball point pen, w ( Full Answer )

Are rice grains produce by ferns?

no rice are not produced by ferns(nephrolepis) as they come under the plant kingdom pteridophytes rice grains are produced by paddy plant which comes under the group of plant kingdom called angiosperms

How much does a bale of rice straw weigh?

It depends on well it is packed and whether it's in the form of a large round bale, a small square bale or a large square bale. As such the question is quite impossible to answer.

How much does one empty sack of rice weigh?

That would depend on the size of the sack and the material it ismade ot of and how damp that material was. Also if the sack isempty it can not be "of rice" it is just and empty sack!