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How much does a human arm weigh?



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The total arm mass is given as mean 3.216kg with a standard deviation of 0.464kg

in Clauser, "Weigth, volume, and center of mass of segments of the human body", 1969, p.45


More details in Chandler, "Investigation of Inertial Properties of the Human Body", 1975, p.72-79


come the following data:

Upper arm (right): mean 1.843kg s.d. 0.218kg.

Upper arm (left): mean 1.888kg s.d. 0.299 kg.

Forearm (right): mean 1.113kg, s.d. 0.271kg.

Forearm (left): mean 1.088kg s.d. 0.185kg

Hand (right): mean 0.400kg s.d. 0.091kg

Hand (left): mean 0.374kg s.d. 0.062kg

That gives a total mean arm mass of 3.35kg (for right and left).