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Q: How much does a master plumber charge?
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Can you charge out as much for a journeyman as a master plumber?

Many master plumbers send out employees who are not master card holders and still charge the same rate. In locations that do not require an employee to have any type of license ( NYC for example) a Master plumber can hire over 500 employees and charge any rate they want. It is not uncommon for the franchises to say "we are sending a technician" out as they are trying to get over licensing laws and are able to charge master plumbers rates for non licensed /non skilled help

How much should a plumber charge to install a water heater?

How much should a plumber charge to install a water heater?e...

How much does a Master plumber make annnually?

One master plumber with decent skills can easily make over $275,000.

How do i come up with a figure to charge your employer for being the licensed master plumber for the company?

I Charge $250 per HR AS A MASTER PLUMBER wHEN I WAS A JOURNEYMAN I ONLY CHARGED $90 Some localities pay a lot more some pass slightly less

How much does a plumber charge to install a new water line?

This depends on what material the plumber uses, what fittings the plumber uses, how much piping will be used and how long the plumber will take.

How long do you go to school to become a plumber?

5 years for a normal plumber and 7 years for master plumber and yearly after you get you master plumber certificate

How much does a plumber charge to seal a bath?


Who employs a plumber?

A Master plumber

How much does a plumber charge?

as a plumber in the UK i charge £50 for the first hour and £35 an hour after that. Expect to pay more for a corgi gas fitter though....

How much does an American master plumber make in Afghanistan?

a couple of camels

Why sanitary engineer practice the work of master plumber?

sanitary engineer did not practice the work of a master plumber,.because they are two different dicipline,...sanitary engineer is a profession and master plumber is a trade,...

How much does a Master Plumber and Designer make?

A decent master plumber working a 35 hr work week can gross in excess of $4,500 per week a designer is lucky to make 1/3 of it.

Should 'master plumber' be capitalized?

Yes, it is capitalized at the beginning of the sentence and when it is used as part of the proper noun or when it precedes a person's name or when it is used as a direct address. Examples: Master Plumber Anthony The Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia Have you seen the tools for lavatory, Master Plumber? Yes, when it refers to someone holding the title/rank of Master Plumber.

How much does a plumber charge to replace a bathroom sink vanity?


How much does a plumber charge per hour in atlanta?

The exact amount will depend upon the exact plumber and what company they work for. Most plumbers in Atlanta will charge around $75 per hour.

Can a Nj master plumber do work in new york state?

Yes if they work for a licensed Master plumber in NYS

How much is a Master plumber salary in New Jersey?

Dont worry bout it. Fuggetaboutit!

What is the Difference between journeyman plumber and master plumber?

A journey man plumber is a person who went through and completed an apprenticeship program, or a training program. A master plumber is someone who takes an exam given by the state or city in which he works in. After passing the exam and meeting all the requirements set by the municipality, he is given a license and is a Licensed Master Plumber.

What is price for plumber to install toilet?

If you mean installing on an existing flange, it takes less than a half hour. Who knows how much a plumber will charge .

How much does the average plumber charge per hour?

The average plumber charges about $80 up to $120 per hour, usually with an initial arrival payment.

How much does a plumber charge to rough in a house with PVC?

Depends where you live, going rate for plumbing and what kind of plumber. Most will not use PVC to rough in a house. -( Why are you not using PEX .)

Should master plumber be capitalized?


How much a plumber charge for installing a garbage dis poser?

Im not sure what a dis poser is, But if a garbage disposer is what you are talking about sex is usually accepted as a form of plumber currency.

How much does a plumber charge to change the wax seal on a toilet?

Usually that would be 1 or 2 hours.

How much experience does it take to become a licensed plumber?

Generally About 2 years for journeyman and 2 more after that for master liscense.