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How much does a medical laboratory technologist make?

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Cut and copy this link into your browser and type in medical technologist and it will give the information you are looking for.

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How much money does a hyperbaric medical technologist make?

35 an hour

How much does a Limited medical Radiologic Technologist LMRT make?

I am a working LMRT and my hourly age is $16.

How much does a laboratory technician make?

the usual salary of a mlt or medical laboratory technician is between 28,000 - 43,000

How much can a surgical technologist make?


How much money does a architectural technologist make in a year?

Not Much!

How much does a limited medical radiography make?

The average starting salary of a limited medical radiology technologist is at $66,000. Techs in older positions can reach well over six figures.

How much does technologist make per hour?

It depends on the technologist,and his technical skills. There's so specific sum .

How much does a medical radiation technologist earn?

around $43k

How much does a person with a bachelor of medical laboratory science make in Canada?

golly. go to Canada and ask someone there.

How much does a medical laboratory assistant make per year?

They have annual salaries around 20,000 - 30,000 a year.

How much does a Radiology earn?

Do you mean a radiology technologist? I am a radiologic technologist and I make about 700 a week before taxes taken out.

How much does a CT technologist earn?

I'm ct technologist in nyc. I've been working for almost a year and i make about 66k a year.

How much money do nuclear medicine technologist make?

The average annual salary for a nuclear medicine technologist in the United States is $72,000. The average annual salary for a nuclear medicine technologist supervisor is $106,000.

What are the names of four technologist?

Technologist may refer to:Architectural technologist, a specialist in the technology of building design and constructionEducational technologist, a specialist in tools to enhance learningEngineering technologist, a specialist who implements technology within a field of engineeringIndustrial technologist, a specialist in the management, operation, and maintenance of complex operation systemsMedical technologist, a healthcare professional who performs diagnostic analysis on a variety of body fluidsRadiologic technologist, a medical professional who applies doses of radiation for imaging and treatmentSurgical technologist, a health specialist who facilitates the conduct of invasive surgical proceduresSoftware technologist, a specialist in computer software and web applicationsIf you are looking for the names of specific people you will need to be much more clear in your request.

How much does a laboratory tech make?

Laboratory Technician salary in Uk

How much does a biomedical technologist make?

The median salary is around $51,000.00, if that helps.

How much does a medical technologist earn?

Medical technologist graduated with Bachelor of Science, & are license as Clinical Laboratory scientist earn between mid 70 to mid 80 a year depending on the kind of location and specialty. Scientist working in the hospital earn up to low 90,depending on the position and the number of years of experience on the same area of specialty.There are other license scientist specializing in Microbiology & Cytology that earn a bit higher than a general Scientist.

How much does a radiology technologist make a day?

i divided 45000 by 365 and got 123.28767123287671232876712328767

How much do Medical Directors make?

how much do medical directors make a year?

HOW MUCH money does a cat scan technologist make?

The salary of a cat scan technologist will depend on the location and experience of each person. On average, the yearly salary is an estimated $63,096.

Medical Technologist?

The CareerMedical technologists, also known as clinical laboratory scientists, carry out diagnostic laboratory tests in a clinical environment. They are in charge of running tests that physicians order, analyzing and interpreting the results, and reporting back to the original physician. Medical technologists analyze everything from blood, to stool, to cells, to urine, to fungi, to everything in between. A general medical technologist could be investigating bacteria one day and typing blood cells for transfusions the next day. However, medical technologists do have the ability to specialize. A clinical laboratory scientist may work only in chemistry, for instance, or only with microbiology.Much of the work involves the use of microscopes, computers, and sterile equipment. Medical technologists have to have a good grasp of statistics and computer models, as well as the ability to perform adequately under sterile procedures. They may be involved in supervising clinical laboratory technicians, fellow lab employees who carry out similar, but more minor, tasks.Education And TrainingThe NAACLS is the accrediting body for medical technologist programs. To obtain licensure, a student must have completed a bachelor’s degree in clinical laboratory science, medical technology, biology, chemistry, or another of the life sciences. Then they must complete a 12 month internship in a clinical laboratory. Many medical technology bachelor’s degree programs include the internship within the program, but students with a degree in biology or chemistry will have to obtain internship independently.Clinical laboratory technicians have the option of entering programs that bridge their associate’s degree to a bachelor’s degree in medical technology.SalaryThe entry level salary for a medical technologist is around $40,000 to $45,000 dollars. Experienced medical technologists earn above $50,000. Wages vary sharply by state. California is one of the most high paying states for clinical laboratory scientists. The average wage for the profession in that state is $30 or more an hour.Job OutlookThe job outlook for medical technology is expected to be rapid. Patients enjoy having quick turnaround time on the tests that have been ordered for them, and new tests are constantly being developed, requiring hospitals to employ many medical technologists in order to keep up. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 12% increase in the profession through to 2018.

Working in a Clinical Laboratory?

A career in a medical laboratory requires a four-year degree in medical technology, or an associate degree including a certification. And like other careers in the healthcare industry, the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics anticipates job opportunities in medical labs to increase at a brisk pace. From the period 2008 to 2018, jobs in medical labs are expected to grow by as much as 14 percent, which is much higher than the average growth rate of other related careers. So, job opportunities as a medical lab technologist or medical lab technician will abound in the near future. For prospects with the aptitude and proper work ethic to complete a bachelor's degree in medical technology (or a related life science such as biology or chemistry for instance) searching for a job in a professional medical environment can be a rewarding and fulfilling career opportunity. Along those lines, medical lab technicians like a phlebotomist for instance require an associate degree as well. The Difference between Medical Lab Technologists and Technicians There is a critical distinction which must be made between medical lab technologists and technicians. The difference is the amount of medical and technological skill needed to do each job. For example, modern lab equipment implores automated computer technology in order to perform a complex and sophisticated analysis such as white blood cell counts. Medical lab technologists are expected to have the right set of skills to perform and analyze the outcome any number of diagnostic and pathological tests ordered by a physician or an institution. And often, medical lab technologists will analyze these test results side by side with doctors and nurses. Medical lab technicians on the other hand perform less technically inclined work such as drawing blood or performing other ancillary jobs around the laboratory like the maintenance of equipment. It is not uncommon for a medical lab technician to assist a technologist around the laboratory as well. The Day-to-Day Work in a Medical Lab More often than not, the day-to-day responsibility of a medical lab technologist depends on the size of the laboratory itself. But generally speaking, larger laboratories similar to those of a hospital system require technologists to focus on a single responsibility. Some of these responsibilities might include preparing blood samples for transfusion or tissue samples for microscopic analysis. In a smaller laboratory, a medical technologist may be expected to perform multiple jobs simultaneously. However, this fact does not always equate to a higher salary. Compensation depends on a number of factors. Annual Income On average, a medical lab technologist earns approximately $50,000 a year. Technicians earn a median annual income of approximately $35,000. Entry-level positions make a slightly lower salary in many cases. But the projected growth in this field of the healthcare industry is sure to continue to expand in the coming years.

How much money would a medical laboratory technician earn?

I am an MLT in a small rural hospital. I have been out of college for two years now and currently make $16.20.

How much does a medical assistant make in a month?

how much don medical assistants make a month?

How much money does a medical assistant make in VA?

How much does a medical decoder make in Virginia