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A medium apple weighs one-third of a pound. Three medium apples equal 1 pound and a bushel of apples is 126 medium apples.

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Q: How much does a medium apple weigh?
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How much does 1 medium apple weigh?

on average a apple weighs about 68 grams

How much does one medium apple weigh?

100000000 KG

How much does a medium carrot weigh?

A medium carrot weigh about 2.5 ounces

2 pieces of cake weigh as much as 1 apple and 1cherry and 1 apple weigh as much as 5 cherries and 1 piece of cake How many cherries weigh as much as 1 apple?


How much does an apple weigh.?

Depending on the type of apple it can weigh between 2 and 6 ounces.

How much protein is there in an apple?

There is .05 gram of protein in a medium apple.

How much does 4 medium onions weigh?

weigh them and you'll find out!!!

How much does a medium size lemon weigh?

Medium size lemon could weigh up to 3 or 4 ounces depending on size

What is weight of medium sized onion?

How much does a medium sized onion weigh?

How much does a medium dog weigh?


How much does a medium pig weigh?


How much does a medium size head of lettuce weigh?

it weigh approxamatley 354g

How much does a apple weigh in kg?


How much does an apple weigh?

The average apple weighs 1/3 of a pound.

How much does an apple tree weigh?

That depends on the size of said apple tree.

How much does a medium egg weigh?

69 grams

How much do apples weigh?

they weigh about 7-12 ounces, depending on the apple.

How much is 200 grams?

It is about the weight of a medium sized apple.

How much protein in a medium red apple?

4 grsmr

How much does apple juice weigh?

It depends on how much apple juice it is. It's a fluid just like water.

How much does a medium avocado weigh?

I don`t have a clue? do you?

How much does one Medium Carrot weigh?

One ounce

How much does an apple pie weigh?

There are to many variables to answer this question

How much a small apple weigh?

it weighs 1 ounce

How much does medium onion weigh?

Onions come in all sizes. What I consider 'medium' is 4 ounce onion.