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How much does an apprasier earn?

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Q: How much does a property appraiser earn?
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How much does a real estate appraiser earn?

A Real estate apprizer makes about 58,890 anually

Where does one find a property appraiser?

One can find a property appraiser from the following sources: Appraiser USA, Indeed, Florida Property Appraisers, Appraisal Institute, OREA - Office of Real Appraisers, ASC - Appraisal Subcommittee.

Can a state certified general appraiser appraise residential property?

A Certified General Appraiser may appraise any type of property, residential or commercial, in states where they are licensed, subject to their competence; both in the type of property and geography.

Did the slaves get and how much?

Slaves didn't earn anything, they where treated as property, and you don't pay your property

How much real estate commission do new home sales agents earn?

A real estate agent can earn usually from five to ten percent of a commission based on how much the property was sold for. they could earn more or less depending on how much the property is worth and what percentage the owner is willing to pay for the agent to sell his property.

How much money does a commercial property manager earn?


Can a state certified residential appraiser appraise a commercial building?

A certified residential appraiser can appraise any residential property with up to four units, regardless of value. However, they cannot appraise a commercial property.

Questions to Ask During a Property Appraisal?

If you're having a property appraisal done, there are some important questions you should ask your appraiser. Make sure the appraiser is certified by asking for their certification number. Ask the appraiser where his or her office is located to get an idea of their experience with properties in the area. Finally, you should ask the appraiser how many years of experience they have to get a feel for their learned knowledge.

When do you have to have a certified general appraisal?

A Certified General Appraiser is required if the property is a non-residential property or a residential property that exceeds four units.

What is the location of Lee County Property Appraiser?

The Lee County Property Appraiser is located in the state of Florida. It is located in Lee County, and is located at the address of 2480 Thompson Street, 4th floor, Fort Myers, Florida 33901.

How does bankruptcy show on orange county property appraiser site?

Probably doesn't. Makes no difference to the appraisal of the property process what the financial status of the property owner is.

Where can one find a property appraiser in Dade county?

Someone can find a property appraiser in Dade County by contacting a variety of different organizations. Some of these organization are Miami Dade, GLS Web, GI Sims 2 and Q Public.

How much money do UK property investment managers earn?

In the UK, property investment managers earn an annual salary of 47,964 GBP. This is equivalent to an annual salary of 76,596 US dollars.

What different between appraisees and appraiser?

An appraisee is the home buyer or home owner having the appraisal done. The appraiser is the person doing the actual appraisal to determine the value of the property.

Who is chief appraiser of harris county?

Jim Robinson, a former executive director of the State Property Tax Board, has served as chief appraiser in Harris County since 1990.

What is a real estate appraiser?

Real estate appraisal is the process of establishing a fair market value for real property. A real estate appraiser is a professional whose job it is to give an Opinion of Value of real property. An appraiser can appraise property for mortgage purposes, insurance purposes, tax purposes, for setting a price for a seller or for determining the value of an estate. An appraiser examines the property, takes pictures, notes any improvements or upgrades, damages or problems, studies the area, determines a rating for the general condition, uses the MLS and other databases to see what other similar homes have sold for recently, and then gives his opinion of the market value of the property.

How much does a chief engineer of maintenance earn for hotel?

depending on property and staff,,80-120K

Can a state certified residential appraiser appraise a 7-unit residential property?

A Certified Residential Appraiser CAN appraise a 7-unit residential property. There are several ways that it can be done. One example: If the 7-unit residential property sold for $1,000,000 but the transaction value is below $250,000 the Certified Residential can do the appraisal.

The Purpose of an Estate Appraiser?

An estate appraiser is in charge of assessing the true value of a house and the property that the house is located on. The appraiser is an expert in property values. He or she generally works for a real estate agency, insurance company, or bank that offers mortgages.Establish the Value of the EstateThe main goal of an estate appraiser is to determine the actual market value of a house, including all of the land and assets that are included with the house. The appraiser will take into consideration the condition of the house and property as well as the current value of other houses in the same area. Sometimes the value of a house will be much higher simply because it is located in an expensive area. The appraiser looks at every detail of the property, from the plumbing to the shingles on the roof, before making an official statement of the value of the estate. If the homeowner intends to rent the property out, the appraiser provides an estimate of what the property’s rental value is so that the owner can establish a fair price. Most owners set a rental price that covers all of their costs for a property.Provide Accurate Quotes for Insurance PurposesWhen the value is determined by an estate appraiser, it impacts several different expenses related to the property. The most important aspect of an estate appraisal for the property owner is that it gives the home insurance company a concrete value to work from if the property were ever damaged. The homeowner can decide what type of insurance to carry on the home aside from the typical homeowner’s insurance depending on the value that the appraiser assigns to different parts of the property.Determine Tax LiabilityAn appraiser’s value for the property is also recognized by the government as the taxable value of the house. This is the amount that the federal and state government will use to compute the homeowner’s tax obligation each year. If the estate’s value goes up dramatically, the taxes on the estate will also go up dramatically. Many homeowner’s prefer that their property value increases in a gradual manner instead of quickly.

What is the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate appraiser?

A real estate agent acts as the seller's agent in pricing the property, advertising, showing the house, negotiating with the buyer and collecting their commission at the time of sale. A real estate appraiser is a person who has the professional know-how to determine the fair market value of a property. In addition the appraiser estimates the square meter (GLA - gross living area), by measuring the exterior of the home.

What is the value of real property when its sold called?

When a property of a home is sold, the tax amount is called the real market value. The actual value of the home would have to be determined by an appraiser.

How do you find a furniture appraiser?

Cpntact one of the several appraisal associations, such as The Appraisers Association of America, Inc, which maintains a "Find and Appraiser" link which lists appraisers, and lets know you know which types of things each person appraises. The link is,7/Id/7/Find-an-Appraiser.html

How do you become a property appraiser?

Check with your state Real Estate Commission, usually under the Department of Insurance and Banking. This is a license similar to the process of becoming a real estate agent. Try searching for "Real Estate Appraiser License"

Can a Property appraiser assess the value of a condo higher than what it was purchased for?

An appraiser can assess the value of any real estate at any amount of money.The reasonable-ness of the appraisal is based on local comparative sales, called 'comps'.

How can someone find out their home equity?

Home equity can be found by having a home appraiser walk the property. This is important because the value of the home is needed to know how much money is actually invested in the home.