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2.08 lbs

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Q: How much does a qt of water weigh?
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How much does a qt weigh?

It's a measurement of volume so that depends on the substance.

How much water do whip spiders drink?

Qt oz.

How many qts make 1 gallon how much would 1 qt weigh?

4quarts in a gallon and quarts would weigh different amounts depending on whats in the quart like a quart of water will weigh less than a quart of custard

How much does the water weigh?

which water?

How much does 16 of water weigh?

16 gal of water weigh

How much water do to use for 2 oz of coffee?

1 qt

How much does 15L of water weigh?

15 litres of water weigh 15 Kg.

What does water weigh on Mercury?

The answer depends on how much water!

How can you get 6 quarts of water from a 4 quart jug and a 9 quart jug?

Fill up the 9 qt. jug. Fill up the 4 qt jug using water from the 9 qt. jug. That will leave 5 qts. in the 9 qt. jug. Dump out the water in the 4 qt jug and fill it again with the water that remains in the 9 qt jug. Now you have just one qt. in the 9 qt jug. (9 - 4 = 5. 5 - 4 = 1) Dump out the water in the 4 qt jug again. Pour the remaining 1 qt from the 9 qt jug into the 4 qt jug. Now you have 1 qt of water in the 4 qt jug leaving room for 3 more quarts. Fill up the 9 qt jug again and then pour it into the 4 qt jug until it is full. Now you have 6 qts in the 9 qt jug.

If a rock and a bucket of water weigh 5 lbs how much will the bucket of water weigh with the rock inside?

it is the same weigh.

How much does 1500 lites of water weigh?

1500 litres of water weigh 1500 kg

How much does water weigh when frozen?

It will weigh the same as when in a liquid state.

What weighs more 3 qt or 6 pt?

They weigh the same.

How can you use a 3-qt pail and a 5-qt pail to measure out 1 qt of water?

-- Fill the 3. -- Empty it into the 5. Now the 5 has 3-qt of water in it, and 2-qt of empty space. -- Fill the 3 again. -- Use the full 3 to fill the remaining 2-qt of empty space in the 5. -- That leaves 1-qt of water in the 3.

How much does a water balloon weigh?

it depends on the size

How much is 5.1 liters in qt?

1 L = 1.05 qt 5.1 L = 5.38 qt

How much will you weigh in water?

78 pounds

How much does a lite of water weigh?

a litre

How much does 4 gallons of water weigh?

Four gallons of water weigh approximately 33.4 pounds.

How much does 18.5 liters of water weigh?

18.5 litres of water at 4oC weigh 18.5 kilograms.

How much does a gallon of sperm weigh?

According to "How much does one gallon of water weigh?", a gallon of water weighs approx 8.35lb. Given that sperm is mostly water, It would weigh approximately 8.35lb.

How much is in 2 gal 3 qt converted to in qt?

Well considering that there are 4 qt in 1 gal so your answer is 11 qt .

How much would someone weigh under water?

They would weigh the same.

1 qt makes how many cups?

1 qt of water is 4 cups.

Which weigh more water or ice?

It depends how much water and how much ice you hae. if you have 1 ice cube and 6 cups of water, the water will weigh more. But, if you have 10 ice cubes and 1/4 cup of water the ice will weigh more.