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The weight of a Rainbow fish is about 7.0 pounds.

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How much do fish weigh?

depends on what kind of fish

What are unique features about rainbow fish?

what is a rainbow fish

How much does fish crap weigh?

It really depends on the fish.

Where do rainbow fish live?

Rainbow fish live in the oceans.

What animals are predators to the rainbow fish?

predators of a rainbow fish

Is a rainbow trout a fish?

Yes, a Rainbow Trout is a fish.

How much does a hockey skate weigh?

as much as a fish

How much does a package of fish weigh?

There is no standard-size package for fish. It should weigh whatever is on the label.

How much does the average oar fish weigh?

oar fish weigh about 600 pounds (272 kilograms)

How much does a trout fish weigh?

There are several species of trout. The largest lake trout recorded weight is over 60 pounds, and rainbow trout weighing as much as 25 pounds have been caught.

How much do porcupine fish weigh?

they can weigh up to 2.8 Kg

How much does a rainbow lorikeet weigh?

A rainbow lorikeet typically weighs between 75-157 grams.

Is a Rainbow fish a carnivore?

No a rainbow fish is a herbivore, it is to small to be a carnivore.

Is rainbow fish book a tall tale?

i think rainbow fish is not

Is a rainbow fish a vertebrate?

A rainbow fish has a spine, so is a vertebrate.

How much does a rainbow trout as an adult weigh?

they weight from 2 to 8 pounds

How much does a star fish weigh?


How much do a viper fish weigh?

About 3lb

How much does a Garibaldi fish weigh?


How much do hag fish weigh?


How much does a prmit fish weigh?


How big do rainbow fish get?

i believe that a rainbow fish can get up too as tall as a skyscraper because a rainbow is very big so the fish has to be

How much does a butterflyfish weigh?

There are some butterfly fish that weigh as much as 9.2 pounds. The fish can also group upwards to 11 inches in length.

How much do rainbow fish usually cost?

i seen them for 5 bucks

What does rainbow fish eat?

Rainbow fish eat spiders which eat cheese